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Dating lessons...... :)

So i've been single for about 2 years, and in that time, opened a new business and reworked my life. In that time, i didnt date at all, and in since November, i've started again.

My closest friends are all in LONG term relationships, 21 years, 20 years and 18 years respectivly, and I want that for myself. (dont we all?  ) Back at Thanksgiving I was kindly told, "we love you hon, but you aint meeting anyone in our living rooms", then they sent me out into the big - bad dating world . And I'm finding i dont know HOW to date really.......

I tried the personals online, and out of 5 people i met that way, all were a loss. Either people had outright lied about themselves, from claiming they were single when they werent, or gay when they werent, to putting REALLY outdated pictures in their profiles, and generally presenting themselves as they werent. Only one was pretty much as she presented herself, and it just wasnt "there"...... I have to wonder, if you REALLY want to meet someone this way, WHAT IS THE POINT OF LYING?? Do you think you wont get found out??

Anyway, i went that route, and feel its MUCH more trouble than its worth in general. I joined a lesbian bowling league, and got caught up in the little drama's and cliques that pervaded there. Hit the bars, but am just disuaded by that scene in general, especially when i see the drug use that is still prevelent there. Hell, I kiddingly say that i opened a bookstore so i could meet a LITERATE lesbian, because it seems we're few and far between in general, at least in who i've been meeting!

Thoughts? Ideas? Comments? Pie throwing?  HOW does one that's kind of shy and been OUT of the dating pool a LONG time meet new folks in a reasonable way?

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Wow! this is a huge issue for me... the dating part's not bad it's finding someone, anyone to date. I actually like to hang out with folks and ya know, meet them before I start trying them on for size. The few folks that I have been IN LOVE with have only had being female in common. Looks, age, ethnicity, coloration, hight, right/left brain, cat v dog, granola/carnivore... these are details, details do not have much to do with compatability.

Bars are sooo not my scene, don't smoke anymore, not interested in drinkers - and really, they are for seeing if you like to looks of a person and that's not the most important checkbox on my relationship requirements.

I've been doing digital dating for a couple years but haven't actually gone out on many dates... hence the frustration. I got a great idea last year and sent a letter to scads of womyn on one of the dating sites - basicly it said let's all get together as a group of five or siz and hang out; for scrabble or bike riding in the park or movies, whatever - I got two responses that never turned up. I would much rather play put-put golf than cruise a bar. I don't think it's just a lezzie thing, it's just hard to meet new people.

Poker night anyone?


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