Ode to free websites like Lesbotronic

I would just like to say as a poor college kid that its really nice to have a place online to meet and chat with likeminded women that doesn't charge $ (I am so lacking that! lol) Almost every other site I've been on has charged or their free memberships make it almost impossible to have conversations with other members.

This site is unique! 


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In the U.S they stand around the water cooler, here in Australia we stand around the photocopier 

Hi Carrie, I'm Nicole from Australia. Just wanted to say that I joined last month after just surfing the net. I've met some lovely people and I look forward to getting in some juicy discussions with you.

Seeya round


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Yes, I agree, Yeah for Lesbotronic. Not to diminish my appreciation for the fabulous services provided by our host, but I feel the need to give a shout to (edited by lesbotronic to add, this site does not appear to be active any longer, but it still loads an error). Great site.

Watch this transition...

Speaking of (see above), I visited their site today and as a novice to said site, I was unsure how to reply to a topic accurately. The topic was an anti-flag burning amendment, posted on July 21, 2004. If you want to check out the article to which I am referring here is the link (dead link) (hope that works, I am not the brightest computer person) Anyway, I wrote out a lengthy response which I find quite funny and shall share with you here, because I am not sure in which category it fits.

You know I think this is really funny. While walking my dog this morning, I came across the American flag. Not raised on a pole that very morning in memory of all who fought and died for it, not in celebration of the freedom it represents and “protects” just in the street being run over by countless tires on their way to the punch in clocks.

Many of the automobiles carried by these unpatriotic tires were themselves in fact patriotic. I mean they had American flag magnets and American flag stickers and American flag air fresheners dangling from the rearview mirror and American flags waving from window attachments as if the car was carrying some important dignitary who was wearing an American flag pin on his American flag blazer with his American flag tie just so you know that he is patriotic (I bet he was wearing American flag boxers) Some went as far as putting words on these flags on stickers, words that said “These Colors Don’t Run,” or “God Bless America,” and “I support my President and the Troops,” to describe a few, but there is another abomination which we are discussing here.

I stood there for a while witnessing this display of patriotism all wrapped up in the symbolism of the moment wishing I had my camera. I know some of you reading this might wonder “Why didn’t she run out in the street and stop traffic to end the desecration of our American flag?” “What the author is a she?” Well, I’ll tell you why and there are several reasons; first, which I feel is needless to say, I was dumbfounded and amused. (Before I get too into this, yes, I am a she.)

Second, I was thinking and mindlessly hoping that maybe some commuter, in their gas-guzzling goliath, will see this desecration and come to a screeching halt thus causing a pileup.

At the head of the pileup, Captain S.U.V. then dismounts, without regard for his fellow “patriots” to whom he has caused harm. Protected by his invisible patriotic force field he strides confidently through oncoming traffic toward our sacred flag.

The flag lying limp her fabric gang raped by infinite tires. Gravel and asphalt embedded in her once vibrant stripes of white and red. Deflated, old glory lay there desperately longing for a gust of exhaust to blow her to the curb.With what is left of her stars she musters all strength to one corner where her tattered edges reach toward the heavens in one last attempt to catch the wind of liberty. The blur of cars whipping by is silenced and an old familiar song begins to play,“Oh say can you see...” Something other than the sky grabs her frayed fingers. It is our hero.

He picks her up with a tear in his eye and says “This is no place for you. You were meant for so much more. You are to be raised in honor and burned in glory. You should not be hung and forgotten. You symbolize much to many and are an instrument of free speech. You are to be celebrated daily not just stamped on a bumper, pinned to a lapel or waved from a car window. Your purpose is not to adorn as an assurance and declaration of patriotism, we are not the star-bellied sneeches.” Turning to the masses he screams, “What are your bumper stickers, air fresheners, t-shirts, your lapel pin, baseball hat, ashtray, doormat, your tire cover, your earrings, your cufflinks, your pillow case and napkin rings saying, what are they saying? What is your forgotten flag saying? Shame on you America, shame on you.”

But that did not happen.

The third reason I did not venture into the traffic was because I am not going to risk my life for a flag. (although I respect those who have and do.)

The fourth reason was because I was just sure that once the owner of said flag arrived at their destination and noticed the absence of such an important item that they would turn around and go searching for it. If not that, certainly they would be hunting for it on the return drive at the end of the day. Far be it from me to move that flag and prevent it from being found by its rightful owner. So I left it there where it was lost.

Eight hours later, I am walking my dog and what do my big blue eyes spy? An American flag, the same American flag in the same place, mighty sunburned at that, not having moved or having answered to the rotations demanded by a fifteen minute egg timer. Feeling obligated, my dog and I crossed the street without a force field and headed to the abandoned piece of patriotism. It was still connected to a plastic car window attachment. Remaining firm to my idea that the owner may still be searching, I picked up the sad little flag and decided to make her more visible. Maybe let her wave a bit to rejuvenate her spirits. After trying unsuccessfully to affix her to a telephone pole, a mail box and a fence I finally found a place where she could stand. So there she is, on the curb not far from where she fell, waving in all her glory atop the ledge of a Rubbermaid garbage can.

God Bless America.


(edited by lesbotronic to remove dead links)

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That was absolutely refreshing to hear. thank you for sharing that lovely story.

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You are most welcome!

I am glad to know that someone read it.

On that note, I would appreciate and encourage everyone to post any form of whatever down here at the bottom of the forum list!

I propose we use it to share "stuff."

So I suppose this is an all call to artists or those who do not yet identify as such but need a creative outlet of sorts.

Friends, countrywomen, Lesbians share with us your poetry, your stories, your jokes. Share your pictures, your songs, your art and your random thoughts.


Let us have a space where we can appreciate and respect all that "stuff."

I am excited by the possibilities this may present (technology hindrances aside).

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In the U.S they stand around the water cooler, here in Australia we stand around the photocopier 


Not always my friend, I worked in an oil (as a temp) company and had some very nice conversations around a photocopier! Especially when I was a sec. and had to do Hundreds of coppies 

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