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Comparison for the bi ladies out there

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heheh tits on a bull
makes me giggle :lol:

A lot of really good points were made, I still don't think I have enough experience to tell who is more supportive of my body no matter what condition. I think this is because I have not had a female SO yet, I've only been in love with 2 ppl, both men. One was extremely negative about my looks and the other is really supportive of a healthy lifestyle and makes an effort to make me feel beautiful. So maybe this whole issue is just dependant on individuals. Although I think i need to find a woman to fall in love with to really make a fair comparison :wink:
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My woman was a beautiful goddess!! She had big tits and a huge ass and belly galore- she was a big girl and I always thought I would want to be with the slim type...

Well, she was all there and I did enjoy her... and had her enjoy me...

Even now, I dream of her curves and her vuloptuos(sp?) body. But that was othing compared to her spirit, her person. That which made her truly beautiful was her heart and soul. That is what I loved and made love to...


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Hola! This is my first post in this forum, so I'll try not to stick my foot in my mouth! :wink:

I previously identified as bi (for 5 years) and came out last year as a lesbian....It's been my experience that the lesbian community can be just as judgemental as the straights when it comes to body types (or sizes). I've even seen a examples of this whilst I lurked in another forum....

I'm willing to bet that I'll get shouted down for saying that, as I've "heard" lesbians talk about how it's a shame that women have to deal with body issues and "lookism" - but would rather be dragged through a cactus patch by her pubes than go out with me. :roll:

For myself, I personally feel more comfortable with women (especially my more voluptuous sisters, sorry!) and in particular, I find larger, voluptuous women more attractive....must be the junk in the trunk! :lol:
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I am comfortable with either,...
But for me it depends on love.

I am not comfortable with someone I am not in love with... I think it's more a privacy thing. My body is something special for deep loves alone.
But if I am in love, and they are in love with me, I don't sweat it.


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Dandy, I agree with what you said. I think quite similar in that regard. For me personally I think it depends on WHO you are with. If you feel comfortable with your partner (man or woman) because of who they are towards you. Not all men make women feel like crap if they do not fit into the ideal mold (nor am I implying that anyone here said that :) ) I happen to be with a man that has always made feel lovely, just because he accepts and loves me as I am. I have been with men though that I have felt made me feel badly about my body...by making comments or something of that sort. They brought attention to things about myself that I never even thought about. I think women have to constantly keep up being strong and believing in their beauty, as diverse as it is, due to incessent bombardment of what beautiful is. I myself, have said fuk the beauty myth. It took a long while...but hey better late than never. Hope I did not go off topic too much there :)


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i've always felt more self-contious around woman, to tell the truth. All (or most) of the men I associate with probebly wouldn't even notice if I put on weight and a lot of them hate make-up...
In my experiances women can be SO much nastier when it comes to appearances, maybe it's because they (and I) feel as though we are competing against eachother...but women can also be so much nicer, because they'll notice the new hair cut or that you've lost weight...hmm, that's a difficult one...
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I've always felt more comfortable with women.

I dated one guy who enjoyed the fact that I'm BBW because he saw it as a way to keep a girl around while he cheated with the model types (said no one else would ever want me). Then another who was just...evil.

And I dated a woman who was beyond wonderful. While she was only a size 5 she looked beautiful, inside and out. She had a glowing spirit which is what I always look for now.

I really only want to be with women now because they always make me feel special whereas men always made me feel horrid. So I prefer the company of women.
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