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So, is this a lesbian thing or what?? :)

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I can honestly say that every lesbian I know has pets. Probably more cats than dogs, and sometimes both, but I cant think of a single one of the women I know that DOESN'T have some pet! Yet I DO know gay men that dont have pets. How about you all? Me? I have 2 cats at home, a purebred (a Devon Rex) and a Heintz 57, Tinker and Cody and a bookstore cat, Betty Boop. I just lost my dog in the last year, and I miss her, and if it wasnt for living in a condo, i'd have another one already.
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You are right...most women do have cats. Must be that whole sophisticated, independent but beautiful/you can pick me up, but only on my own terms kind of a deal. 8)

I have a 10 year old, random "American Shorthair/Tuxedo" black and white cat. Her name is Checkers. Her face is black and white with a straight black and white split down the middle with the opposite on her chin like a checker board.

She has been an inside cat her whole life due to my paranoia coupled with her extreme shyness (one person cat) and fear of the unknown. But since I moved from the extreme wilderness of Alabama to West Hollywood (a few short-lived transitions in between) she has suddenly become WAY more outgoing and adventurous. Now she greats everyone that comes into the apartment, and even made an unexpected mad dash--while I wasn't looking--into the streets of LA. I thought I would die when I realized she wasn't the lump I saw under the covers. I spent that night hopping fences throughout the neighborhood with a flashlight and badgering every stranger I met with tears streaming down my face asking had they seen a black and white cat. Luckily, she came in the back door I had left open that night and threw herself against my bedroom door at 3:00 in the morning, crying!

Since then, I have trained her to walk on a flexi-lead with a harness. Now she cries by the door where I have the leashes until I take her out for a walk. Can you believe that?! This shy old country cat can't wait to take a stroll around the busy streets of Hollywood!

I also have a Border Collie and an Australian Shepherd. I am currently working at a doggie resort where I train celebreties' dogs, so of course mine are impeccably well trained. My Aussie, Matilda, is my shining obedience dog who was a rescue that was way out of control, and is now doing therapy work with children undergoing facial reconstructive surgery. And Savannah, the Border Collie, is just unbelievably brilliant. Her passion in life is the frisbee. She won the Nevada state championship last year, and is currently 14th in the world for distance. Not that I can throw for shit...I have my brother throw for me. :wink:

My pets are my children. I think a lot of women feel that way, and that is probably why so many have them.


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Not sure it just being a lesbian thing persay, but I too have 2 cats. :) Indoor pets, But, I grewup always having them. I'm an animal lover and activist so, it's only natural for me to be around cats & dogs. Have one dog but its mom's. People always tend to give us their strays so, that's how we ended up with our two new ones. I had nine cats at onetime in my life. Make that ten counting the mother lol. Never again, two's enough for me to handle. ;)


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Seems like every lesbian in the world has a cat. I have two (does that make me more of a lesbian?). I also have a rabbit. She's a Black Havanna. The cats are both orange and white tabbies. They actually belong to my son, but I tell people they are mine, too.

I have had all kinds of pets while growing up. Cats, dogs, rabbits, raccoon (didn't have him for too long), mice, gerbils, hamsters, rats (these guys make great pets), pigs, goats, birds, and fish. No, I did not live on a farm.

My son wants a Guinea pig, but I don't want that kind of fuss. You have to give them vitamin c every day. It is suggested you hand feed it to them to make sure they eat it. My friend has two and spends forever trying to get them to eat their vitamins. I would have to feed them whenever my son was at his dad's. Like I have that kind of time.

Speaking of all lesbians having pets, especially cats; I've noticed that a lot of lesbians also smoke. What's the deal? I don't and can't stand it. I don't care if someone wants to smoke, but I can not handle it in my airspace. Ok, I'm digressing; sorry.
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I've known lesbians who have had no pets and others who have had pets. I don't think pets are relevant to our sexuality. However, I do feel that pets show that we are loving women who want to share our lives.

I have a half Aussie and Newfoundland mix named Mystic and my housemate has two Ragdolls and a Diluted Calico. Personally, I grew up having a dog around, not cats, so I prefer dogs. However, there is an advantage to having cats over dogs.

Now that I live with both, I find there is something to love about having either animal in my live. I just can't imagine not having a pet to come home to now.


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I have 5 dogs and a cat.....but I dont know very many lesbians so I can't speak for everyone.
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I am sooo much more of a dog person.... I like pets that will go on outdoor adventures with you :) My pup is my baaaaaaaby. But cats are cool too. :)
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i don't have pets. i happen to live with 2 dogs at the moment, but just because of my housing situation right now.

when i lived with my girlfriend for a few years we did not have pets.

i do tend to agree that *most* lesbians have pets, but not all.
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My best friend is my dog. I am and always be a dog person. I do have two cats though, and about 5 more on the way. Any one want a kitten? This will be my oldest cat's 6th litter. We just can't keep her un-pregnant for more than 4 months at a time. It seems everytime we go to get her fixed she's pregnant again. We tried to keep her locked up once but she kept escaping...which is why she is pregnant yet again. I used to have 4 dogs and 16 cats all at once.....never again in my life will that happen.


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dear lord i have 14 cats, well kinda, most of them are my mothers, I have 2 that are mine, patches is my calico, she is my little princess and is spoiled rotten. and Chiripa (lucky in spanish) is my black cat with gold eyes, he was the only one in his litter including his mother that made it.. He is also spoiled to the core. I love my babies, I think they knwo when i am feeling down just like any pet and come to comfort me. Funny thing is Patches is the oldest, and she is with me at all times, she has taken on my personality. I am bipolar and have bad manic phases as well as depression, she goes throught hte same thing where she will sleep in her bed and not come out of the room cept to go tot the bathroom, really not even eat, just sleeps, and then she will be manic and bouncing off the walls. My mothers cat has developed her traits too. but i am rambling, In my area i dont know many lesbains so i cant speak for everyone..lol

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