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So, is this a lesbian thing or what?? :)

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I have a cat and a dog.

My kitty is of Bengal decent, so she has spots. She is adorable! She was a barn kitten that I just fell in love with and brought inside. She is my baby.

My dog is a white & cream pomeranian. He's still under a year old so technically a puppy, but mostly full grown.

There are pics of them both on my webpage under the "Animals" section. Have fun peeking!


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Most of the lesbians I know have pets.
I have a little dog - Chihuahua/French Bulldog mix (I know it sounds like a weird combination, but she's actually pretty adorable).
And, I'm in the process of adopting a cat - as Scottish fold, from a local shelter.
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well most of my lesbian friends have atleast one animal. I myself have 5 horses 1 dog 2 cats 2 banty s and 4 ferrets ... I do also own a ranch so that total is more acceptable... lol.. I am also a certified dog trainer so managing my kritters is alot easier for me than most. I love my babies.
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I am a huge animal lover, but I must say that I am much more of a dog-person than a cat-person. More specifically, big dogs...you know the really big, lumbering, kinda fat dogs that scare the crap out of your neighbours, but really are just giant puppies who never grew up.

I have a german-shepherd/Collie named Dakota, and two rather fat cats.

My partner has a toy shi-poo and two cats as well.


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Just to let you know, my cat goes for walks with me every night without a leash. She just walks along about 3-5 feet from me. The neighbors all stop and stare as we walk along together. When they ask me how I trained her to do that, I reply that all you have to do is give them as much love as they give you.


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I have 5 cats in my house, but I also have a large wooded back yard. They spend alot of time out there. I have always loved cats and operated informal rescue in my trailer park


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One cat -- and a real power femme she is, too -- allegedly she has a name, but mostly I just call her The Princess.

One rabbit with the run of the condo. More than a match for the cat. Smart enough to open latched screen doors unaided and get books he wants to eat off the third shelf of the bookcase.

Three guinea pigs. As long as they get their hay and their vitamin crunchies, the world could end and they'd still be happy.


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I can hosestly say that i don't know a single lesbian with a cat, i know heaps of gay men, but no lesbians.
My cousin and i both keep reptiles and rodents, and my friends all keep dogs or fish or nothing.
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I work with companion animals on a daily basess, in some circles it seems I inbody the 'steriotypical' lesbian. I have a love for animals. I also have a dog and work in a place full of cats... what does that say?
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