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So, is this a lesbian thing or what?? :)

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Painted Brumby

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Suzanne Westenhoefer, a lesbian comedian, has a CD called "Nothing In My Closet But My Clothes". I found the CD to be side splitting. There's one part called "The Animals". As a pet owner and a lesbian who doesn't take herself toooo serously, I find this so hilarious. It's an older CD - 1997 - but if you've never heard it before, you might want to treat yourself.

Over my lifetime, I've had horses, dogs, cats, fish, and birds. Pets have taught me much, especially about instincts, behavior, and in relationship to their care, kindness and responsibility. I was the "original" horse and other animal whisperer, long before it became popular. I'm down to one cat, right now - a calico. Adopted as a kitten, from a rescue group. No one knew what happened to her biological mother. The selfless woman who took her in when she was only a few days old, bottle fed her every few hours around the clock. I had to keep her separate from the mature, neutered, Dark Sable Havanna cat that I already had, until she matured enough to be able to claim her rightful place in the house. And, wow, did she. She would run on hind legs (like a kangaroo) towards the male cat from behind and jump over him, flying through the air, as if to say "Catch me if you can!" I admire her and love her. She's sweet, playful, even fiesty at times. In the way of a cat, she's taught me a lot about being true to yourself. She's family. She's my friend, my 'lil buddy.


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I never heard about this before. I know I had one cat before, when I was a kid if that counts lol. I have 2 dogs though, one we rescued in a snowstorm on the highway 'Buddy' pretty much a heinz 57 too :) we think he is pretty old now though. And of course my baby 'Pumpkin' who I spoil, she is a shih'tzu :) but like others said, I think it's just most women in general own cats. I for one, love all animals :)


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Personally, I have six cats and three dogs at the moment. All my life, I was a dog person. There was never a time when I didn't have dogs (usually labs), so it's weird not to have at least one dog around. The cats came into my life pretty much by accident and started adding up (most of them are strays). Basically....I'm a huge softie who finds it REALLY hard to give up rescue animals. I don't think it's a lesbian thing so much as a "I am a total wimp" thing.


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We have four cats and one dog in the house. Mine is Nala and she is way old. 17 years, shes been with me since i was 3 so we grew up together. She's all fat and cuddly now. Once I was gone for about two weeks on a trip and when i was talking on the phone with mom nala started nuzzling the phone like crazy and meowing cuz she heard me. It was too cute <3


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I have two cats but I also have two dogs. I think its just based on preference. I love cats because they can take care of themselves but dogs are loving and devoted. but like I said I think it's all preference


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I have a cat, a dog, (and even though they are not really pets, I do get enjoyment out of watching their antics and have to buy food for them, so does that count?) chickens.

I love all my critters. But each as a job to do-as do I. The dog barks to let me know something is going on up at street level at my house. The cat catches rodents and the chickens eat bug as well as ensure that my wild berry bushes get planted everywhere!


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three house kitties, four yard kitties and a three-legged red fox that has appeared to adopt us. it appears to be very healthy and mentally stable, so we basically continue a live and let live policy. plus the twin nephews just love seeing the fox through the window.


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hm, i never thought about it or sorted in that way, that lesbians are more into cats. I'm more a dog person, but i'm crazy about my kitten too. they are just fun in a different way! ;D strange and weird creatures..
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