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older/younger relationships

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Well, I am 55 yrs. young. Last year I dated a woman 30 yrs. old. She wanted to, I was reserved about it. The reason was as I quickly found out we had so little in common. I mean heck I was finishing up trade school and living in Fla. when she was born, I had lost my virginity 10 yrs. before she was born. Her tastes in music, literature, art and such were totally different than mine (and I have a very open mind to all things). I have some very dear friends that encouraged me to go for this gal. She is and was a terrific person. And my old friends are in an older/younger relationship for about 12 yrs now.

Ross Mock

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"Last year I dated a woman 30 yrs. old."

Hello Bigbike4.

I'm 63. Last year I could've dated a girl 35. That would've been almost half my age and I can tell you, I was scared to death. In the first place, and because of the major difference in our ages, I really don't believe that there would've been too much in common in the area of everyday interests. For me, it would have just been sex and I don't know if I could've kept up with someone old enough to be my daughter. AND THAT would've been in the back of my mind also. So, I followed my intuition and spurned her "signals" to me and chalked that one up to experience. Whether she was honestly attracted to me or to a butch will be something I will never know, but I hope the best for her..

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