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And Essay on Myself and Jumping on the Band Wagon

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Seeing as it seems like such a popular thing to do, I thought I might introduce myself! My name is Melissah and I'm a 19-year-old girl from Sydney, Australia. I have red hair and green eyes and, see that avatar over there? I look like that.

I'm a writer by trade - a struggling one, as artists tend to be - and spend my days writing fantasy novels behind this great chunk of a desk, wishing I was somewhere a little more romantic than the study of my parent's house.

I consider myself mature, and others do, too, though that doesn't stop me from being fairly outrageous when I'm not councilling somebody hardships or pulling my poker face.

My most favourate thing in the world is butter chicken, and the third treadmill from the wall at my gym, which I use to walk it off. When I'm not eating curry and drenching myself in sweat I enjoy art exibits and the museum, fine dining and theatre ... though I would give up all of the above for a Portuguese chicken burger from that place in Petersham.

I have two cats, Fetisha the tortoiseshell persian and Bandit, a grey australian spotted mist with the most beautiful tempriment. I also have a ferret named Bingo, who is more of a hassle than he's worth, god bless him.

Don't be afraid to contact me, ladies. I enjoy speaking with like-minded women from all over the world!

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