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Representing NYC

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Hi all,
This is uncategorizeable. I'm soon to be 21. I'm a hispanic college student from Brooklyn, NY. I'm cute, feisty, but a bit reserved (hey, what do you expect? I'm from New York). I'm into politics, social issues, poetry, non-fiction, and SpongeBob SquarePants. I usually hang out in lounges, some low-key clubs, and open spaces. You could usually find me in Manhattan (mostly on the east side) and in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (I live there). Oh, and I'm also a fan of parentheses, if you couldn't tell by this post. So, anyone here from New York/New Jersey?

"To define is to limit."-
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"The only Bush I trust is my own."


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"The only Bush I trust is my own."

LMAO!!!! That's a good one!

That's Dandy :roll:
What do you mean there's nothing in my Cracker Jack box?

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