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The White T-Shirt TaBoo..

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The summer time in Brooklyn, is close to one of the worst things that anyone can experience....loud music, hot ass subway platforms and the like....for the past few weeks...I have been going out in what I feel is the most comfortable thing to wear...a white T-shirt or tank top, you know the ones, you buy in the pack of 3's....the fucked up thing is that, I've been the victim of weird ass comments, that never happened to me before....like one girl in my Bio class, wrote me a note and asked if I was "different", different as in gay, there's nothing wrong with that...it's just that she never spoke to me before, and on this particular day in class, she was just drawn to me.... another guy because I didn't say hello to him....called me a butch....these things only occur when I'm rocking these t-shirts.....what is the taboo, on wearing shit that's just easy to wear?....I mean I could wear a belly top....but my ass is so far from a six-pack....that I couldn't even smell it, if I wanted to...Are white T-shirts linked to something I don't know about?....drop a line...let me know.... :wink:


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That is strange that you recieved that reaction while wearing a white tee, I have never heard of that being an identifying "symbol" before. Are you sure it wasn't a coincidence? Clothes are not really a significant indicator of sexual preference in my experience. Except when I see women who are dressing in men's dress clothes doing the boi thing, then I assume that they are most likely a lesbian.
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Geez...Louise..I don't know what the people in New York..drink, but it's really weird..I might just go ahead and burn, all of my white T-Shirts... :cry:, I spoke to this guy and he said that...white t-shirts and tank tops, are #1 spotters of dykes...especially when the arms of the shirt are rolled up to show off the "guns"...I dunno...maybe, I'm a cheese-bread head....


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Yes! i kno what youre talking about..the most comfortable things ever to wear are jeans and a white tee (or a thermal)...i love them...and i wear them all the time...ive gotta own like 10 white tees and tanks...and automatically im "dressing gay" to everyone around me that doesnt kno yet...(im tryin to be open or "out"...baby steps...baby steps....) and i dont kno what to say to them...i like what i like. Ya kno? Just hangin out in that outfit is awesome...it has no bias for or against anyone...and yet i get labeled for it...its crap! anyone else feel like this?




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hey yall well i am a femme and i dont know if this is on the subject but i just wanted to make kthis remark i loveee a butch in a t-shirt or as we call them muscle shirts , wifebeaters...
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hey yall well i am a femme and i dont know if this is on the subject but i just wanted to make kthis remark i loveee a butch in a t-shirt or as we call them muscle shirts , wifebeaters...
A femme to second! I love butches in white tees.

BTW, it's not so weird that it sets of gaydar, but that so many people feel the urge to make tactless comments.


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white T-shirts on tan big shoulders ,hot butch baby!!You girls do not get it that those clothes look great on you. ? On men they are just t shirt but on a butch you are making a statement . You can wear what looks good and feels good. Men do not own the right to certain clothing. you go!


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I think I know what you mean. no one seems to suspect Im all about the chotch, but Ive lately taken to wearing almost nothing but beaters, sometimes with light button down ts.
just because its so damn hot, and I dont *always want to be tarted up.
this might sound silly, but not only do I feel entirely empowered, assertive and more in touch with my inner gay, but I definitely get more appraising stares too. I think there might be something about simple token "guy" wear thats not only smokin hot but causes one to wonder "is she, or isnt she?"
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I don't think it's anything specific code, but more of a tradition (if that makes sense)...

Pretty much the only ONLY girls I know who wear the white tank top under-shirts are my lesbo friends. Generally leaning to the butch side. I have to wear a white dress shirt to work, and often wear one of those tanks underneath, and dear god, as soon as I take my work shirt off and walk around in just the tank I feel like some sort of super-butch. no matter what else I'm wearing (although my short spikey hair and tattoo's help with that, lol). I wouldn't call myself butch, but I can certainly look the part when I want to :P and those tanks help complete the look :twisted:
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Personally, I've always thought girls doing the whole denim and white tee combo like Elvis/James Dean was always very sexy. Obviously depends on a few other things but I always find it very attractive. Although I do remember being 21 and terrified when a blind date turned up dressed like that. Ironically I have become that. Ha ha. The folly of youth. Maybe it's a generational / age thing? The older you get, the more acceptable it is (and the less you care anyway).

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