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The White T-Shirt TaBoo..

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It is a code in bdsm circles. A white T-shirt, blue jeans & optional black leather vest or jacket is a"uniform" worn by both males and butch women who date &/or "play" with Mistresses. Since the NY area has more people aware of bdsm stuff, than say a little town in the middle of no wear would, it's possible you set off more than just gay-dar. Try wearing different colored T-shirts and perhaps the reactions will change.


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So I started working the other day at a restaurant and the uniform is dark jeans, black shoes, a white undershirt and their polo over it. Well I went in for orientation and i didn't have the polo yet, so i just had the undershirt on and all these hot girls kept looking at me, so i smiled and waved and one blew me a kiss. I was blown away, because i had never had that happen to me before. So I guess to some people it is an indicator

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