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The Black Community...

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I wanted to really make an effort to contribute to this forum as much as possible, because it is somewhat of a start to aid the issues concerning black lesbian womyn, and as a whole I hope the entire gay community.

While discussing the gay community, the recent uproar, is the whole "DL" thing..you know, the fact that black men are in fact sleeping with other men, while claiming that they are completly hetero-sexual. I try my best to NOT fall into the collective bashing that amerikan white media places on the entire black community and (in regards to this post) black men. I was just wondering what other womyn, thought of this. Please tell me what you think... :roll:


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what i find distressing is that the focus is only on black males. i'm sure we all know of someone or have heard that women creep with other women while maintaining the facade of a marriage. i also find it distressing when people are just not honest with themselves and their sexual partners.

unfortunately in our community (referencing the black community here), the ones most affected are our str8 sisters who are in denial. black women are infected with HIV and are dying of aids at such alarming rates yet, we as a community refuse to sit down and start a dialogue to bring further awareness to this serious problem. and what's worse is that we play the blame game all too well, rather than sit down collectively and figure out ways to help our people.

being DL is not a phenomenon....it's been going on forever....

i hope no one takes this as bashing, because i'm not....it's just straight talk...something we as women and a community need to do more of.

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Vonnie, I think it's more acceptable when a woman sneaks around with another woman. Alot of men make it acceptable and even encourage their wives and girlfriends to form sexual relationships with other women, hence the reason why it is widely being said that "every duck isn't a duck," meaning every woman who says she's bisexual really isn't but that's another topic for another day...

I agree with you when you say that the real problem is a lack of honesty and the people who are getting hurt and losing their lives are african-american women at tremendouse rates. I think if men were honest with themselves about who they are instead of saying "I'm not gay nor am I bisexual. I have relationships with women and sex with men," then we'd be a lot better off. From my perspective I don't see what the problem with honesty is, you are what you are so accept it and be honst with yourself and your partners about instead of allowing your secret life to cost someone their life.

I'm glad I do not get involved with men beyond a casual friendship because there are too many risk associated with it and it's scary as hell. More power to those who can do so.
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