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Inter-racial Relationships

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I love all chicas (women). Point-blank-period.

Races, nations...I don't care..all that matters to me is the person she is inside..

My first g/f was white...my current is black..

The important thing is ..well...they're both insane...LOL
The Homosexual Agenda

Leave us alone!!!!!


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:lol: that's xactly why i love coming here.....everybody puts in their 2 cents....ok, 3 cents (gotta count for inflation)...

well, i gotta say that i love me some beautiful brown ladies (caramel, chocolate, ebony, etc.), but the one thing that will really get me is her soul....gotta peel back the layers y'all....so, i won't really discriminate...

BTW, i'm African-American/Native-American/Cuban/Lebanese....'tho 2 the untrained (?) eye....i's just a plain 'ol n*gga..... *eyebrow raised*
"Don't compromise yourself, you're all you've got..." - Janis Joplin


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A beautiful woman is a beautiful woman.


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"The untrained eye..." BauboBBW, that's another interesting topic. I think perception is what causes half of the race problems we have today. If people stop getting so hung up on what they see instead of what is real (because what you see may not be the reality of it) then most of us will find out that we're basically the same in terms of racial/ethnic composure. I think the sooner people realize it the sooner this discrimination will end.
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If people stop getting so hung up on what they see instead of what is real (because what you see may not be the reality of it) then most of us will find out that we're basically the same in terms of racial/ethnic composure.

damn it just took me so many times to log in and respond to this i was starting think there was a conspiracy. *laugh*

i do think folks are hung up on what they see. that's because we've been living in generations of folks being taught that race somehow indicates certain good and bad characteristics about others....and depending on where we're coming from we either find what we see repulsive or attractive...based on these very stereotypes we've learned. truth is, no one is free from the impacts of racism...and even within communities of color we've learned to stereotype each other, it's not just a black and white thing.

to the untrained eye i look like a white girl...and since white girls can look so many different ways and we get to see that reflected on t.v., in magazines, in school-taught literature it then doesn't surprise me that this is the assumption made of me. however, it's been interesting to see then how my relationships with others are negotiated...and how often things can sometimes come down to "perceived race."

when i've dated white women (there have been a couple) they have solely seen me as latina. when i've dated women of color who are not latina, they often made me out to be either/or -- i was either just white to them, or just latina. when i've dated latinas, they've seen me as just latina. but only one of my partners was ever truly able to see me as both, being mixed -- even on the days when i didn't feel both. *laugh*

though it would be so nice to say a 'beautiful woman is a beautiful woman' and have that relationship or encounter live in a vacuum, it never does. some beautiful women have been discriminated against while others have been lifted. some have been made invisible while others have been given opportunity to sit in the front. you never know who you're encountering when you meet someone.

i may be beautiful, but i am much more than that, and it would piss me off for anyone to erase my identities with a simple statement like that.

just givin my 2 cents again. *grin*


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hummmm..what a topic. I find it so sad that it really is difficult that the statement.."a beautiful woman is a beautiful woman" be accepted and put to rest as something that simple. Unfortunately, in America, all over the earth...history has brought us all to a place of neverending politicking. Constant defending of our choices...and even making our choices for the sake of politics. I could sit here and type messages like lets all love each other and purity and innocence...but i would still have to walk out the door and live in this mess.

Most of the time in life i am torn between fighting for this planet and anger for it like it was an abusive foster parent. I am disgusted at what we have made.
I could rationalize that i didnt make this..and laugh and blame someone else..but what sort of things do we all agree on every day to continue the tar and "ick" that sickens us? I have heard so many people of the white race say and not necessarily with any intent of harm, that slavery is over, so they just dont understand the anger. That statement is the anger. But the anger redirected (emotionally justfied as it may be) just perpetuates the cycle of bullshit. We have all been brainwahed by a systematic agenda...but it is not in our imaginations either..this is the world we must live in.
Sometimes i believe that this is the reason i am predisposed to an attraction for women. Wars and territory and "progress" have made this planet into an abomination...in my life i need a soft touch to heal me from this..i need a soft kiss to melt away the edges i carry with me. Inside i think truly "a beautiful woman is a beautiful woman.." but sometimes i wonder and sigh because she is such a neccesity...why is the world so thorny in the first place to make me need her softness so much..her heart?
Maybe the men over the rainbow will be different......


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I just realized that i sound like i blame the men for it, but i was just talking about history...there were also wives and women for these, (not all) men who watched and laughed and had sex with them while they raped the world.


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Great post Heather!!!!! I enjoyed reading it, especially the comment you made about white people taking offense to african-americans who still have harsh feelings towards centuries of injustice, hate, and discrimination. I think that once white america stops perpetuating their behaviors of the past (today they are a bit more subtle) then this sick cycle will end. But continue posting, you have great insight :)
Sometimes you stand on the edge of a cliff and you jump. You jump because you're tired of being scared. Sometimes you jump just to feel the fall


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first of all i think the culture has trained us all to not really think and relax and STOP! To really listen you have to stop..stop all the things and defenses in your head and your to do list and feel another persons pain. The problem is that this thing has been going on so long that people of all races have the capability not to feel the other persons agony and heartache. Were angry and defensive and we have to make it to work on time..and the banks closed...and the baby is crying...and we have no medical insurance..no food today..to stop and look at racism..slim chance..and we feel ourselves having to go faster!! Unbelieveable..

the problem is people want to dismiss the history of slavery like a tree grows in a day. If you took a child and locked in in a closet for 5 years and then let them out and they couldnt talk would you blame it on the child or the enviornment?? Then if you chained a whole race of people to a cause to perpetuate your wealth and they got angry would you say they were barbarians?? No, you wouldnt even admit they were people..then the natural law is out of the argument. Centuries of this!!

The native americans... i wonder what percentage of people are even aware that they are the poorest most alcohol addicted people in this country.
Stripped of the dignity of thier native soil...made to look like savages in the media..for the sake of a gallant American beginning..a man on a horse in a history book.

So sad these things we have put our energy to..

so then living today we begin to date...in the midst of all of this build up.. in the midst of all of this slime..finding beauty in the curve of another body..whatever the color i want the beauty!! Give me beauty in the midst of all this and i will accept it..and bathe it and kiss it and sleep with my arm touching its warmth. Maybe we could start over in another time zone somewhere in the middle of the night.


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*If The Only Possible Way We Can Be Together Is In My Dreams..Then I'll Sleep Forever*

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