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Vancouver, BC, Canada

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Have you been to Vancouver, BC Canada?

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I know that in downtown Vancouver (west-coasters) there is a gay community on Davey Street but I don't know where there are other places that cater to us. Where I live in Burnaby, the people there are such prudes and I have no idea where such a community exists in boring Burnaby. Does anybody know? :?


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Fuck it Gamer...just come to Brooklyn....all will make sense when you get here...


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Fuck it Gamer...just come to Brooklyn....all will make sense when you get here...
LOL! Brooklyn eh? I wish! I can't even afford to get down to L.A. Sigh...alas a struggling art student...


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If all goes well (and it better) I'll be attending law school at UBC in about 2 years, I also plan to ditch the USA and make Vancouver my permanent home. I know Vancouver West aka Downtown is the place to be and live but what other Gay/Lesbian scenes exist in Vancouver? Anyone have any advice on living there? Montreal used to be my #1 but I am not a snow bunny and cannot tolerate winters :roll:
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Davie Street and the West End in general are the upscale, faggy end of town. Good place to buy a rainbow t-shirt. Crowded place to live.

The dykes, or at least most of 'em, live and hang out in the East End, in an area kind of centered around Commercial Drive between 1st and Hastings.

More queers are moving around Main Street, between 10th and 20 aves. It's an up and coming funky area.

Wanna see lesbians? Pick a sunny Saturday or Sunday afternoon, and go to Turks on Commercial near Charles St. Find a spot on the patio (if you can) begin sightseeing. Count averages three lesbians per breath, or two per blink.

Option two: go to Little Sister's bookstore on Davie St. Look through the flyers for event announcements. Lesbian spaces: LICK / MIX... lesbian dance parties: Flygirl, HerShe Bar.

Option 3. Join the Mabel League and play ball with 98748374927498274 other sporty dykes.

Option 4: check out superdyke.com, which is Vancouver based.

Option 5:
kinky lesbian? leatherdyke.com.
Kinky bi woman? vancouverdungeon.com, vancouverleather.com.

Have fun!

Elaine from Vancouver


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Thanx for the info!
Trying to find myself...

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