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How shoBest way to fight sexism/queer oppression when you're not part of the affected group?   2 members have voted

  1. 1. How shoBest way to fight sexism/queer oppression when you're not part of the affected group?

    • Make friends with a tranny/woman/queer.
    • Send money to an organization whose work you support.
    • Stay out of the way.
    • Volunteer for an organization that welcomes involvement from non-queer/female folks.
    • Find an organization that only encourages queers/women to volunteer, and challenge them to let you get involved.
    • Read books about it.
    • Take on a leadership role but check frequently with queer/female friends to make sure you're not doing anything wrong
    • Volunteer for as many organizations as possible, in as high up a position as possible, and define the direction the movement should take.
    • Work inside the system as a teacher, preacher, politician, or business manager to gain enough power to make some changes.
    • Other -- please write below!

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Hi folks, here's a question i'm wondering about.

What do you think is the role of straight people in working against homophobia, or men working against sexism? Should they get involved, or get out of the way? Is it most helpful if they have their own separate groups (i.e. PFLAG), or simply join queer or women's activist organizations, or have special alliance groups, like Gay-Straight Alliances for people to work together in?

How would you feel if the president of a major women's rights group was a man? What does it mean when a straight person is in a position of power in a queer organization? What about men as counsellors in organizations dedicated to women and transfolk? Would that be ok, would it be strange? Should they be checking first with trannies/women/queer people to make sure that what they're doing is ok? If so, who?

What about the men/straight people in your life? Do you expect them to do anything against sexism/homophobia/biphobia/transphobia? If so, what do you expect them or not expect them to do? Do they do it? Does it work?

I've definitely found straight people who are willing to do things against queer oppression (like the GSA's and PFLAG that i mentioned above). Unfortunately, i've been extremely disappointed by far too many of the men i've been close to -- they all say they're against sexism, but then when it comes time to do something about it, it somehow never happens. I don't really understand this. And on a larger scale, i haven't really seen any effective groups of men organizing to fight sexism (which I really believe hurts them too, in some ways!). The only men's organizations I see are either religious (Promise Keepers, etc... are they still around?) or they spend their time in the woods beating on drums, which might make them feel better but doesn't really do a lot to end sexual violence, harassment, unequal pay, etc. (an interesting book on this is Women Respond to the Men's Movement, edited by Kay Leigh Haggan).

tell me what's up.


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