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Lesbian Literature Anyone?

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Oranges Are not the Only Fruit - also by jeanette winterson;Written on the Body -- very hot
Zami -
Coming to Power
The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas
Rubyfruit Jungle

and all the trashy Ann Bannon I could find beginning with Odd Girl Out and Beebo Brinker (wahoo!)


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Thanks to all those who sent in their favorites... I just bought 'confessions of a failed southern lady' and 'oranges are not the only fruit

Anything that amazing Dorothy Allison writes shakes me to my core. For those who love her you should check out her book of short essays: "Skin: Talking About Sex, Class And Literature" which is funny, sassy and political but not heartbreaking as her novels are.

My all time non-fiction favorite: "Woman: An Intimate Geography" by Natalie Angier. It is a hilarious and fascinating overview of the physiology of the female body. It is basically science and biology but extremely well written, and I promise you its funny. The chapter on ovaries had me laughing out loud (in public!)... not to mention the chapter on the clitoris.

And for those that are pregnant or know someone who is: "Misconceptions" is a very insightful look into our societie's cultural norms about pregnancy and birthing.



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"Does Your Mama Know?" An anthology of Black Lesbian Coming Out Stories Edited by Lisa C. Moore

I just started readin this book, but so far it's good and I find it to be educational and inspirational. If you have the chance to check it out let me know what you think :wink:
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:lol: If you're looking for a couple of quick Summer reads that are as true to the real deal, as they are Laugh-Out-Loud Hilarious................
I really enjoyed "The History Of Lesbian Hair", & "Dyke Drama - Your Guide To Getting Out Alive".

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"The Blue Place" and "Stay" by Nicola Griffith
"Bending the Landscape" -Fantasy & Horror (also by Nicola G.)
"Sister Outsider" Audre Lorde (I love her books!)
"Scum Manifesto" Valerie Solanas (I was going through a very feministic stage :P )
"By the Light of My Father's Smile" by Alice Walker
"Finding H.F." Julia Watts
"Girl Walking Backwards" by Bett Williams
"Never say Never" by Linda Hill
"Subsitute for Love" by Karin Kallmaker

These are just a few, but were really helpful in helping me come to terms of being gay. 8)
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"Preachers Lake" by Lisa Vice


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Definitely "Stone Butch Blues" by Les Feinberg

Though it was rather depressing. It was honest.
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I'm a fan of the memoir, and of graphic novels and such, so I really enjoyed "Fun Home" by Alison Bechdel. I've liked the Dykes to Watch Out For every now & then, but never been an avid reader. I liked this 'tho, and recommend it.

at amazon: http://www.amazon.co...ie=UTF8&s=books[url]


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Oh yeah... I also would recommend anything by Michelle Tea. There's some stuff noted in the Books section on this site, but it's not up to date.

I have recently finished "Rose of No Man's Land" which was good fiction. However, my favorite has been "Chelsea Whistle". It's on my list of 'all-time-favorite' books. It's a lyrical piece, and gritty, and eventhough it ends IMO on an off-key note (kinda leaves ya hangin') it is worth reading.

Also excellent is "Rent Girl". More graphic (ha!) but very very good.

Again, at amazon....


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What an extensive assembly of recommendations! I am looking forward to taking my shopping list to Borders. The most memorable book for me was Pat Califia's Macho Sluts. This woman is such a psychological writer. Spare and concise, but just over the top when needed.

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