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Columbus, Ohio, or Miami, Florida?

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Miss Tess

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Are there any clubs in Columbus, Ohio, or Miami, Florida that cater to Fetish for women only? If I have ONE MORE submissive man come after me, I'll barf! Like Linda Blair!!!!!!!


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the only clubs i know here for fettish are fettish parties. i dont think miami is a good places for true blue lesbians. there are sooooo many bi-sexuals in miami and lauderdale. i moved here from elsewere in the US and it just sucks for lesbians unless you are butch or a femme that likes butch. i mself am femme and likes femmes. ive been here almost 3 years with no luck. the only thing ive gotten in the time here was a woman who wanted to entertain herself pretending she was lesbians and lieing to me and telling me that. then i found her living with a man. so no sotuh florida sucks for the lesbian scene period musless anythinf fettish lesbian.


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lived in Mia,now in St.Pete,fl.restoring my house-the last thing on my
mind is looking up lesbo's in fl.-----You are not alone in what you think
of queer Fl-


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I would be interested in finding something fun in Columbus also...


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I agree with you Lizzy....I'd like to find something fun in Columbus!

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