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Talking to women

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:D Hi I'm new to the board but glad I'm here. It's easy meeting women but so hard to flirt with other women. At least for me. Maybe I'm a square but I get nervous: sweaty palms, big knot in throat, trembling. If there' no interest then I'm fine; we can talk about art and poetry etc. But when its too get a deeper personal understanding all my fears come to the surface and all-of-a-sudden she looks like a monster with huge fangs. I know I'm attractive because women flirt with me all the time...I just haven't had the experience to reciprocate their advances.
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Hey PolarBear, I know I am jumpin on this late but curious to see how you are doing in that fearful area of flirting. I am nervous at first too, but as the conversation continues usually it becomes easier to speak the other person and you will eventually become more comfortable, try not to worry about it and just be yourself, you'll do just fine :oops:

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