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Monogamy works- try it i dare you to

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Monogamy works, only when and if your ready to make it work. my previous relationship that lasted 3.9 yrs was great at the beginning, although i was still in my experimental stage and i wasn't monogamous, that was because i didn't want to commit. :twisted: Also, i was in my mid 20's, the time to discover, explore and find your self in the lesbian fucked up community. 8) Now, i'm in my 30's and been with my currant partner for 3.6 yrs and not once have i ever had the desire to commit infedeliaty, nor thought it. I guess when you do find the 'one', monogamy works. It's up to you. :D I love being monogamous, it gives me a sense of power and pride, that i got there. Being monogamous is sexy. Try it, i dare you to. :wink:
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been there done that.

could try it again way in the future if the relationship evolves into that, but right now i'm poly & loving it.

just as poly isn't for everyone, neither is monogamy. 100% honesty all the time is for everyone, but that's obvious, right?
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Monogamy is wonderful, safe, and it pays off in the end. I encourage every woman to give it and try, you'll never know until you try :D


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I've tried it.

I don't understand why you peeps are trying to promote monogamy? What's the point? So that me & my poly friends won't accidently steal your girlfriend?

I don't mean to sound biting or snide, but really, why are you soooo gung-ho for others to jump on the monogamy bandwagon???
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i have to say i agree with you galaxy, and i may end up unpopular for saying so. monogomy is a great way to have a relationship, if it works for both parties invilved, but it is not the only way. if you don't want to be in a monogamous relationship, then don't :) simple. but be sure that the people you hook up with know from the start that you are not monogamous.

you said it best, that honesty is the only thing 100% for everyone. :)

all statements are my opinion and i make no assumptions for how others think.
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Yes, I do believe that monogamy is a wonderful thing, however I don't believe it was stated that it was for everyone. If you like to bed/relationship hop more power to you, but for those of us who have been in a mongamous relationship we have learned it's values, the joys, and the pains of it. To me it's a growing and learning experience for both parties involved. Some of us learn that we can be faithful and others learn that changing women like we change our panties is what works for them.
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I personally hate the idea of monogamy...I realized before I came out as a lesbian, I believed in it, but then after a while, you start to see how much of a drug girls are, I might sound bad, but I know that I just can't do it :oops:


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I'm poly and I've also been in a primary relationship for 8 years. You don't have to bed hop to be poly. Poly lifestyle isn't always about bed hopping, that sounds more like swinging. Poly is about having more relationships than one and that includes sex, but is not limited to that. It's time consuming and requires a lot of honesty. It's difficult. People get jealous and that happens in monogamous relationships as well.
By the way, nobody needs to be dared to be monogamous, it's what society wants us to be, just like nobody needs to dare me to be straight.


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Amen and Ahhhhh Wimmin !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I guess I am just a boring, conservative girl, but to be honest the idea of poly has never appealed to me. I have read a lot of posts that have said "I'm young, I'm in my twenties...." etc, as a reasoning for this choice, and I can honestly say I don't get it. I am 26, I've been in a relationship with the same woman for 6 yrs. I have never felt like I am missing on life by not being with someone else. Sorry if I can't get outside the box, but frankly I've found a rather luscious box and I think I will stay right here. :)

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