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Body Modifications

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any chance of getting red glow-in-the-dark eyes?


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Eyeball mods? heeeeeehlll no. I know that mods are just another medium for self-expression, so why say with yours what everyone else is? but yeah... theres a line there. somewhere.

Last year I regretfully retired my 14 ga vertical labret, double temple surface piercings, 14 ga clavicle and sternum surface piercings. suprisingly, they didnt reject at all- I just changed jobs and couldnt keep them.
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Right now I have double industrials- custom bent, lobes at 8 ga that I want to get to 0s, and a scarification chest piece.
Posted Image

In the planning stages: a second set of stretched holes in my lobes- probably at a 4 ga. Two half sleeves Ive drawn out already- variations on old school nautical-style themes. One with a sacred heart/rock of ages motif, the other with swooping doves rather than swallows.
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It's not really an eyeball piercing, per se... but I'm just being picky. Currently I have 00ga lobes, 16ga vertical labret, and 2ga septum. I visit BME religiously... it's quite ridiculous.


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I couldn't get the link to work on the eye piercing, but maybe that's a good thing. *Laughs!* ^_^;

My daring surpface piercing is not in anymore, for two reasons...
1) I originally got the piercing to purposely have a nifty vampire bite scar.
2) I had no idea how often I brushed my chest up against things (my arm, lifting boxes at work, my shirt moving, etc.) until I had something stuck in my skin protruding out. OW!!! LOL.
Here's a picture of it (ignore my costume... heh *^_^*; ):
Posted Image

And here's me right after I got it done:
Posted Image

And just for fun:
Posted Image

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Currently, I've got a couple of tats and double-pierced ears. I really like most mods (but not that eye-jewel thing. Not in a million years! I value my vision a bit too much), but have to be somewhat restricted in what I actually get, since I plan on eventually entering a somewhat professional field.


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Ok, I love most body mods (not the one in the squick link!!!) and I'm glad to say I have....7? piercings (used to be 8) and one tattoo - and I'm looking for more.

I have both ears up to 6mm lobes, both nipples pierced, two navel (used to be three, one exited at high speed in contact with a high chair back) and an outer labia piercing.

I want my tongue pierced, and possibly a hood piercing.....and a few tattoos are planned. Oh! and I sooo want a septum piercing but I'm not sure it'd be so good for getting a job....people are so very judgemental these days and my usual hair colours are enough to put them off already.


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