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Hi Y'all...and some sage advice

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Hi Y'all, I am sort of new here. I registered some time ago but the website wouldn't allow me in without re-registering. Some computer glitch or...hiccup I call it. Waving Hi to everyone.

Anyways, hello from northeastern Ohio. A bit about me: Tomboyishly Femme, 46, and I simply enjoy the wonders and beauties of this life.

My sage advice (ok two suggestions):
A) NEVER fry back while nude!
As this can really cause sudden dancing, among other things.

B) Treat Your Lover As A Celebration!
As I have observed others' relationships and actually experienced being loved by someone/others, I have found that alot of folks out there in all sorts of relationships forget that life is a gift, love is a joy and your lover deserves to be treated as a celebration to your heart. I like to follow my own advice and absolutely make sure those I love...be they friend or lover, know they are a joy in my life. Afterall, love is the easiest thing on this earth to do. It's all the other things that folks allow to interrupt that process we call.........love.
Treat Your Lover As A Celebration


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:D Hello .Im new here too. Its funny how some take their lovers for grantid sometimes. Or think its greener on the other side of the fence. I never found the right woman. That's why Ive been single for 6 years. Alot of people think Im "loose" because of my occupation. Nothing could be further from the truth. I've been celibut for many years. Now I'm looking to meet that someone special. Thanks for listening. Ria447
i love to love and love for all the right reasons....loveing for eternity not a dayand they say a day is as a thousand years


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Thank you for your beautiful thoughts. Think of how lovely this world would be if we all uniquely expressed our love as a focus rather than an afterthought.


Love never fails

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