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English Transplant in Philadelphia Sends Greetings

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Ello All!

I'm new to the boards, so this is me introducing myself. Just wanted to say hello to all and I look forward to some fun conversation!

"Um, maybe I should introduce you again. Faith, this is Giles."
"I see him. If I'd've known they came that young and cute, I would've requested a transfer."
"Raise your hand if 'ew'."
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Welcome to Philly!!!

I'm in Philly as well!

Cheers. :)

"Don't compromise yourself, you're all you've got..." - Janis Joplin


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hello. i'm in philly also. (well, near enough. i'm right across the bridge.)

p.s. do you have one of those incredible accents?
i swoon at the very thought of it.
down is the new up.


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Hi, here is (late) welcome to the city :!: I hope you're navigating well and enjoying yourself. Most of all I hope you find the city inspiring and intriguing. Best Wishes :D
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