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Changing or Deleting a Profile... :)

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Hello there... It seems I had erroneously posted this question in the incorrect forum before. I have tried to delete my profile, but it always says that I am coming from an unauthorized domain no matter how many times I try to hit the back button and submit again. I then tried to change my profile, thinking that I could at least change it to say that I was no longer interested in meeting women, and the same "unauthorized domain" message came up again. I registered under a different email address than the one I used for this forum, but is it possible to email someone directly to have them delete my profile? Thank you :)



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OK, first of all, that "unauthorized domain" stuff is coming from YOUR computer, not the site. "Domain" means the site. Sites know users by IP addresses, not domains. You have some "privacy" or "filtering" software on your computer or via whatever internet service you're using that's (apparently unilaterally) decided for you that you shouldn't be submitting information on the lesbotronic.com domain. What ARE you using, anyway? Probably something somewhat paternalistic or homophobic that's decided "lesbian" is not a good word for you? We'd be curious to know if you'd care to share.

But anyway, I'm guessing you don't know how to fix that or at least deactivate it temporarily or you probably would have already. If you can't delete your profile via the site, just respond to a match (hitting reply so it goes to us) or email us or PM us on the forum asking us to delete it. Not sure why you're using many different email addresses with us, but if you email us from anything else, obviously you'd need to let us know what email address you were last using with the personals (as opposed to just here in the forum), or we won't know what profile to delete.

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