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Reasons for datint interacially?

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I grew up in Long Beach, CA. While it may not be as diverse as everyone may assume race or nationality-wise, there are all walks of life, which I do appreciate especially when I lived in Kansas for a year; it wasn't bad, just different).

My family also did not care for interracial dating - or friendships, for that matter. No, they weren't racist, and they didn't persecute people for their race or nationality, but when I brought a friend home and he or she happened to be anything but black, it raised eyebrows and made my family wonder, "Why doesn't she have any black friends? Does she hate her own race?" No one took into account that the schools I went to as a kid were not racially diverse. No one took into account that the reason my friends were different races was because the black people I met did not see me as "black enough" to hang out with them. But I digress (forgive me if I go off on tangents; it's a nasty habit of mine).

My first lesbian relationship was with a white woman as well. It's very easy, in my opinion, to naturally be attracted to white women when first coming out. I'm not saying that other races aren't attractive or sexy or whatever. I'm saying (and this is really sad) that minorities (as a whole) generally are not as accepting of open homosexuality.

Personally, I don't care what race or nationality a woman is in the long run, but I will admit that it's very different (NOT NECESSARILY BETTER) to date outside of your race. There's also nothing wrong with preference, and I see something very wrong with the fact that the GLBTQ (add IP if you really want to be P.C.) community fought - and still fights today - to not be judge based on their sexual preference (don't go dragging me into a preference vs. orientation discussion now; I'm just making a point here), and yet our community continues to judge within itself.

Has this made ANY sense to ANYBODY?! I feel like I've been rambling aimlessly.

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