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Victoria's Secret Dirty Little Secret

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I have just read several legitimate articles (3 newspaper, 2 internet newspaper, and I saw a news broadcast) and they all say the same thing. Ladies, please beware when shopping at Victoria's Secret. Several sources have revealed that Victoria's Secret takes back merchandise without the original tags on them, then they re-tag them and put them back out on the sales floor for someone else to buy. I don't know about you, but that is disgusting as several employees have even said that the merchandise looked like it had been worn. Victoria's Secret accepts returned merchandise for a refund or exchange. So if you shop there I suggest you think twice about the underwear you have on because it could have been worn by someone else.


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all i have to saw to that is EWWWWW! .... and thank the gods i don't shop at Victoria's Secrets. :P
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i've heard about this with not only vickie's secret...but with most major department stores as well....so be careful when shoppin' for yo' draws....
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I guess there is something good to come from being 240lbs; I buy the tent-sized six pack encased in plastic. You know, the old lady underwear you see flappin' in the breeze on your neighbor's clothes line. :oops:

I also like boxers, but, as with most new clothes, I wash before I wear.

Mom worked for some clothing manufacturer once and told me stuff that ended up on the floor, dragged around, etc. got shipped out to the stores for us poor folks to buy and wear. :o

Moral of the story: wash before wearing. :!:
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Fuck the fact that they put used shit back on the floor..all stores do that. The REAL fucked up thing is that..all of their merchandise is made in sweatshops in 3rd world countries. That should be enough to stop anyone from shopping there. Beware of Starbucks as well, and the MARS chocolate corporation.


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Starbucks :x who actually drinks that disgusting stuff? All their coffee taste the same and it all taste like grinded rocks, just disgusting. I stay away from them at all cost despite the fact they keep poping up on just about every corner :evil:
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Popping up on every coner is right. In Sacramento there is actually a street with two Starbucks on the opposite sides of the road right across from each other. It makes sense though. Who wants to have to do a u-turn in their car :roll:
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To be honest in New York there are alot of Starbucks shops all over the place, so while people pose as liberal, they are still trendy, and participate in the explotation of poor people around the world, that "disgusting stuff" is being guzzled by the thousands, and by the same people who rally and protest against other issues. In my school there are a million Starbucks all over the place and I wouldn't be surprised if Big Brother had a camera in every single one. Starbucks Nation :shock: I also read in a article look time ago, for a Judaic studies class I had to take, that one of the joint owners of Starbucks, supports Zionism. Isn't that interesting? :roll:


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Mortalum, I love your quote, and you know what I had no idea that Kurt's star sign is ruled by the planet Neptune...sorry I'm into all of that weird shit, according to this book I read, (because of his sign), he was destined to go mad, and leave the planet terribly. He is a (live in your mind) type Pisces


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What's wrong with Starbucks??

I consume their beverages all the time!!

Yikes! Is there something I should know?
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