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Nature vs. Nurture

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I think nature and nurture are both involved in how we evolve in anything, not just who we find attractive. That being said, I think nature was pretty powerful for me though some may try to argue that it was nurture.

growing up, I was all over the place, occasionally seeing my biological mother but not having any real relationship. I have 2 brothers, one which was adopted to another family before I was born and one who I saw only a handful of times growing up. I was raised by my grandmothers mother and spent some time in other homes and in foster care. I am a lesbian and I have absolutely no problem admitting that (though it did take a while for me to admit it). I was not raised around anyone in my family yet I turned out to be a lesbian, both brothers are gay (including the one who was adopted out and wound up being raised in MO) and my mother was FTM. Any dount that nature has something to do with it? Not for me. Is it possible that I had a basic understanding of what my family was like and picked up on the normalcy of it? Also possible but not as likely.

I think nature and nurture are involved in some way but nature is more powerful, at least for me


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The "nature/nurture" argument is moot, as far as I'm concerned. To debate this is to give in to the hetero-thinking that being non-het is possibly something to combat.

1) born *gay = "find a way to locate the gay gene to prevent/"fix" it

2) nurture = "find what "not" to do to end the likelyhood of non-het kids"

Lose/lose. Am I the only one who sees this?

My take? It's none of anyone's business what two, consenting adults do. nor who they love, nor who they marry.



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I have to agree with Geekomatic. The whole argument is a moot, lose/lose thing. There's a psychological theory that sexual abuse as a child creates both sluts and gays. I've spent several years in therapy, and I've had to switch therapists several times because of these theories. Both are pretty much BS, but aside from that, if I had to choose which side I'd be on would be nature. When I started the psychological healing process, I realized that I never was attracted to men at any given point in my life. The straw that broke the camels back for me was being rejected by the one person I thought would accept me for me more so than anyone else. Everyone's been rejected by someone at some point in their lives, but I had deeper issues before that. If there were anything in my past I'd change that might have changed how I discovered my sexuality, it'd probably be coming out to my best friend in 4th grade. If I never come out to her, I'd have never got the 30 minute lecture about sexual evil(also BS), and I'd have never tried to force myself to be straight to a degree that classifies as delusional. Either way, if the gay gene is real, I'd rather it not be found for the mere fact that it would bring about a hate group whose entire goal would be to eradicate anyone that carries the gay gene so it doesn't get passed on. If it's nurture, I'd rather they never figure out what environmental stimuli causes homosexuality because said hate groups would make that stimuli illegal or try to smother it out as quickly as possible.


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I believe its nature because I have felt this way as long as I can remember (gender fluid, but more boy than girl). I have never been into girl stuff (hated dolls loved toy truck and cars, never like to shop, not interesting in shoes, will not wear makeup or dresses, and never suffered from PMS). Hell, maybe I am a boy. Though I do need someone to save me from the scary spiders and bees (I scream like a little girl then) and I don’t like watching sports (I do like a good soccer game but that’s it) and I will watch a chick flick (don't tell anyone). There is little girl in there somewhere that sometimes gets to come out and play, she is like a unicorn :sofa: and there she goes again being shy. ;) :p


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I found this website had some good information about brain development before birth and gender idenity and sexuality: http://drdrantz-scie...-sexuality.html

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