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Suggestion for the profiles

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Hi! :idea:
I just wanted to make a request for the lesbotronic profiles. I was wondering if some consideration could be made to add a question for the astrological signs on the profiles. I know some people couldn't care less about zodiac stuff, but some people do (esp. me) and I believe it could help to figure out compatibility a little better. The people that don't care about astrology can just ignore that question :D

Thanks for listening!
~Megan :)



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Hi there. We're actively working on some big site improvements right now, so I'm afraid it's not doable in the near future to add a question that deals with astrology. However, I will tell you that based on my own observation of the profiles, while certainly not in the majority, a significant minority of women signing up do indicate something regarding their astrological sign in their "freetext" area. My educated guess is that most of the women that are "into" astrology do indicate something about that there. If she didn't, you can always ask her via email, but I'd bet 9/10 women that don't indicate anything of their own accord regarding astrology in their freetext area don't take it that seriously.

Hope that helps! :)

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