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"Check-In" from the Fat or Size-Positive Lesbians

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im big.....ever since I can remember I have always been overweight......but yet everywere I go (not meaning to brag in any way) I have been told how "beautiful" i am or how "great" my smile and personality is. Like I literally get stopped in the middle of a store and someone tells me how pretty I am (usually old ladies but thats besides the point lol) (and I am most deffinatley not trying to brag at all, I hate conceeded people, I really do. so please dont think Im full of myself.) And all my friends always tell me never to "settle" beacause Im so "beautiful". So what do I do? Do I settle because "thin is in". Or do I just wait forever for just the girl Im looking for (and trust me Im not asking for much lol). I would be happy with any size girl as well....Im not picky.. although I do prefer butch for some reason....but Im always open to anyone.... I guess I just dont see why girls, or guys even (not that I care) cant see true beauty over size in anyone....and that could be really thin to. I dont know maybe Im crazy.lol. Wich I have been told also.haha
I just don't know........

sorry for the spelling errors, im tired.lol.


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Hey just_katie, I don't think you're being conceited or full of yourself, you're just bringing to light that there are people out there who don't buy into the thinner is better notion in this country. I'm glad people are giving you props for being beautiful inside and out.
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I'm not thin either... When I was at my smallest size and least weight, I was convinced that I was huge - even though my ribs were visible from across the room. In those times I dated men; I was always very self-conscious about my body and my size. I was busty even when scrawny, and am particularly so now.

The amazing thing (for me) was that when I accepted myself for who I am - lesbian and NEVER gonna be a size 4 - my body image issues went away.

My girl really appreciates that I'm comfortable with my body - that I know how to it to my advantage.

So kudos to you ladies out there that appreciate a woman with a little meat on her bones, and double kudos to you ladies out there who have that meat on your bones and embrace it. Flaunt those assets baby - and remember, the only size about you that matters is the size of your attitude and your amount of self-respect.
One should no more deplore homosexuality than left-handedness. ~Towards a Quaker View of Sex, 1964

(As a left-handed lesbian, I'm particularly fond of this quote.)


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This thread has probably got to be one of the most reaffirming and positive things I have read in a long time. I've always been a big girl (between sz 14-18) and while sometimes I'm not exactly thrilled with the weight, I've learned to embrace it so much more as I've gotten older. I go to the gym a couple days a week to make sure I'm keeping my heart pumping, and I keep active.

But, if I stay this size forever, I'll be okay with that. :)

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When I first started looking for someone I was looking on craigslist. The number of post that are size specific have been a little discouraging. I don’t know why I thought women would be different.

I’m 240 and have lost about 70lbs in the last year or so. Actually fell in love with going to the gym then I got sick and didn’t feel like going to the gym and the money to pay for it was going to the doctor and it killed my momentum. Going to try and lose a bit more. I don’t believe all women were made to be thin and I’m growing confident in who I am at this size, but from the way my knees, back, and ankles feel I think I should be a little smaller otherwise I’m healthy and keep up with most of the guys I work with and do fine when I travel and spend hours site seeing. I’m wary of people who are looking for a specific size. If she’s into fat girls and I lose the weight, then what? Or I lose the weight and get with someone who’s into thin girls and then gain it back (which I’ve done several times) then what?


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I am Jumbo-sized. :D I can't tell you how much I weigh because I don't know. I haven't let the scale rule my life in a long time. (I don't allow the nurses to weigh me at the doctor's office either. Nothing I have ever gone to the doc for had anything to do with my weight, so it wasn't/isn't relevant.)

I've lost 50 pounds or more 3 times in my life and each time I ended up gaining it all back - PLUS more. Personally, I think dieting is the main reason we have jumbo-sized women.

Stop dieting unless you HONESTLY mean to change your eating habits for the rest of your life. This is why the diet industry is sooo rich. They know that the vast majority of people who diet cannot change the way they eat on a permanent basis.

So, you buy their diet pills, lose weight, gain it back, and then have to start all over again. So you buy their diet pills.....

Stop doing it, folks. Most people have a 'set-point'. The 'set-point' is a weight that your body maintains -with a small variance- naturally.

Once you diet, you destroy that natural set-point and it always resets at a higher weight.

~Love the skin you're in~


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I love all sorts of women, but I have found that I am more aroused by women who are thicker with generous breasts. I especially am enticed by voluptuous Gothy women who wear bold make-up and fun clothes.
Now, I realize that I am a fan of large breasts, but I sometimes wonder if my appreciation of heavier women stems from overweight girls being my friends in high school. I am shy, so I don't seek out new friends very easily. It was the overweight girls who befriended me, and I was grateful and unbiased.
The odd part is, when I realized I was bisexual, and told my friends, they stopped being my friends. So, one would think that would make me subconsciously dislike heavier women, but that is not the case.
I suppose I'm really just a fan of glamourpusses, and love my women squishy! <3 But, as I said, I love all sorts of women, so I wouldn't turn down someone who was thin if they were sweet! ^_^

Lastly, I wanted to say that scales are evil! LOL! Actually, growing up, I never cared about my weight, as it wasn't a problem. Once I started getting weighed for check-ups as an adult, I began to be conscious of my weight and it bothered me. Finally, I stopped weighing myself, and I'm happy with my shape again. I think it's more about mind over matter sometimes. If you think you're sexy, You ARE!!! :D

"Be yourself. No one else can do it better!" =^_^=


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*Double-post! Please delete ^_^*
"Be yourself. No one else can do it better!" =^_^=


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I've always been pretty big myself, but I think that it's less about weight and more about the way you carry yourself. If you feel like a big old fat slob than you're going to look like one. If you say "bitch please! I'm a thick madame!' and you strut your stuff like you know you're beautiful than that essence will be what is portrayed when people look at you. Of course you have that percent of people who are shallow and can't look past it, but when it really comes down to it, even someone who is attracted to bigger girls will still see a fat slob if you act/feel/portray one.

Be happy in your skin. Be secure in your relationships. Stop stressing the weight. If you want to lose weight, do it for yourself.

In regard to comments earlier about falling into the stereotype of only liking thin women: Some people just find that body type appealing. The same way some people like big boobs and some like small.. etc... sometimes it's not a matter of stereotypes and men really... it's preference and what turns your cranks...


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Im a thick woman as well and I love my curves and I love women with curves and nice breasts as well. There is nothing like snuggling up to a woman with some girth to her. THe feel and softness of those curves is delicious.
Hey Lise I would be down for a trip to DC hunny as Im here in NYC :thumbup:

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