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"Check-In" from the Fat or Size-Positive Lesbians

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Personally, as a big woman, I don't really care much about the weight. I enjoy all kinds of body types, whether you're thin or you're bigI find that if you have a personality that clicks with mine, I would find you more attractive with each passing day. Also, I'm a huge fashion enthusiast. If, for example, I were to choose (disregard personalities for a while, and think of this as a forced choice) between a woman/man who has a model-esque figure but doesn't know how to dress herself compared to a woman/man who knows how to dress themselves properly, I would pick the latter. It's all about confidence, I think, and how you carry yourself. That's my two cents, at least.


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I'm a big girl, and I love other big girls. I think women should be soft, curvy, and feminine. Plus I like boobs :p

If you're into confident BBWs or just want someone to talk to about the whole body positive movement, shoot me a message :)

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