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Did anyone else have a boring and very annoying TG? This year sucked, same ole' routine, although I was really looking forward to grandma's house in Milwaukee but that got changed last minute :roll: But the highlight of my TG was all the black Friday sales :D I'm just glad that TG is over...
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I got to go to work on Thanksgiving. And then to make it better a cashier said gays were killers because they spread AIDS. Well I cried and I never cry. That comment just really hit me hard. Then later that night I sliced my finger open when I was playing with my cousin. My finger still hurts and I haven't talked to that cashier since. Hopefully Christmas will be better. :?
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i am so sorry to hear that you guys had less than stellar Thanksgivings. mine, for what it is worth, was not so bad. i had to work, but the store closed at 1 so was out in time to enjoy some of the day. i got to have dinner with my sister, her boyfriend and their child, along with some of their friends from work, so that was ok. it was my sister's first time at a tradtional thanksgiving dinner, and it turned out pretty good. and it's always nice to spend time with my nephew :D

i avoid the stores the day after thanksgiving.... too many years in retail, i just can't bring myself to shop on Black Friday lol

anyway, i hope you all have better december holidays (whatever you may celebrate) than you did in november. happy hollidays to everyone.

love and light,
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i believe that this year, i shall avoid the holiday stress by imitating the bears. i shall shall eat a full meal on dead turkey day then retire to my carefully prepared den for the winter and hopefully not awaken until spring. if you hear from me before spring, my plan failed. however, i am looking forward to that long winter's nap.

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