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Dating Married Women

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after reading everyones postings it seems that what may work for some may not be good for others...and i guess thats fine as long as people follow some basic rules..first to be honest and open with whoever is going to be affected by your actions, and second to understand the repercussions of ones actions...


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Thank you, Alissa for your thoughtful response :!:
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I have a life mate, but that isn't the only person in the world that I feel that I will ever want to connect with on a deeper level and I don't restrain myself to that.

How VERY true - I am married to a wonderful man who has known that I'm bisexual almost from the get-go, finds it delightful and wants only for me to fulfill my wish: which is, ultimately, to find a female lover/friend to compliment my bisexual-femme side. G, my hubby, is extraordinarily accepting of my orientation and always has been and we feel that we could both balance an equation of three as long as there was total honesty among all parties from the start - that is essential.

When I told him I had posed a profile on Lesbotronic, however, he took a look and said, "It's lesbian - will that do you any good?" I then explained to him about certain prejudices within the lesbian community which, I feel, have kept me from meeting someone (i.e., a great many think that bi women are just 'having it both ways") but that what had attracted me to this site was the fact that it stated, up front, it had a broad definition of "lesbian" - right then, I decided to post and I feel VERY optimistic about finding someone on here.

My love of women and of the female body is strong and has been a part of me for years and years - yet, I love being around men and being married to one. I think people are only as limited as they make themselves - in relationships or any other forum - and to reject a chance at a wonderful, fulfilling relationship just because a woman is bisexual and married is, I think, to deprive you and the other person of a potentially wonderful linkage.

I think I'm blithering now, so I'll stop and see what others have to say.

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I am new, but this is a subject near and dear to my heart so I decided to respond. I am married to the most wonderful man in the world. He has known from the beginning about my sexuality. He not only supports me but is actively trying to find me a girlfriend.

As far as the can he play too. Yes he can with a few ground rules that apply to us both. This has worked for five years for us, so we're very comfortable with it. I would also like to date a married woman because of the reasons already stated.


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I'm new to the group and i have to say sometimes it is just so much easier to connect or date a married woman because i am a married woman. But the catch is my husband doesn't know that i'm bi sexual because of my own reasons but i know for a fact I have the emotional bond with him that i wouldn't be interested in finding in another man or woman. It's sometimes easier to date married women and sometimes it's not. I'm been bi for over a year and this is the first time i have ever posted on any kind of site to find friendships and/or more on that kind of level.

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