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I wish she was a lesbian...

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1) Major Kira from Deep Space Nine
2)Gina Gershon
3)and just a shout out..to Shane, from the L Word...good lord, the heat...OMFG

Kate Moennig is love. (Major fangirlish squeal)<3
Though I'm pretty sure she is a lesbian, or at least bi. Just not out or something. But she's been with both. ::melts::

Mine would have to be Eva Mendez.
Though I had this dream involving Alyssa Milano. I won't deny it was a very good dream.
But yeah. Eva. <3


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Salma Hayek. Smart and beautiful.


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Monica Bellucci...she absolutely takes my breath away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :wink:
I love women with sharp facial features!!!!!!!!

P.S- check her out at www.monicabellucci.it
"it... used to be said there is no such thing as blindness, only blind people, when the experience of time has taught us nothing other than that there are no blind people, but only blindness..."
Jose Saramago _Blindness_


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Missy Elliot. Has to be one of the sexiest women in the music industry. And talented to boot!


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whoa, I was checking out ayla (what a cutie you are) and then went to www.monicabelluci.it and about wet myself. I think it's her dark intense eyes.
Megan mallaly (I think thats how her last name is spelled), she plays Karen on Will and Grace, is really hot...I think she's bi.


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OMG Monica Belluci is BEAUTIFUL! I'd never even heard of her before! and blacklesbian, I am ALSO totally obsessed with Gia. I cry my eyes out every time I watch the movie! However i'm also obsessed with Angelina Jolie, so maybe there is some transference going on.


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Stevie Nicks. Older and still sexy.


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Audrey Marie Anderson, from the Unit

She is just amazing and the accent doesn't hurt. She's from Houston Texas which is so hot, but sadly I don't think she find women attractive.

Wish Michelle Rodriguez would just admit she is, same with Angelina Jolie and of course Hilary Swank


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Gillian Anderson.



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Roselyn Sanchez!!! :shock: Hot!!!!!

That chic off of Hostel 2, the one that gets her head chopped...I believe she is from Finland...and fine!!!

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