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I wish she was a lesbian...

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Natasha Yarovenko in the film "Room in Rome"(2010)
Megan Fox
Paz Vega
Katie Perry
Heidi Klum
Cat Blanchett
Sara Carbonero

and many others I cannot recall right now...


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It's a looong list :D

1) Mariska Hargitay (most wanted, but it's never gonna happen) :(
2) Emily Deschanel (Bones)
3) Jorja Fox
4) Katherine Moenning
5) Jennifer Beals
6) Anna Belknap (CSI: NY)
7) Jennifer Morrison
8) Heidi Klum
9) Stephanie March

I'm sure there's more i just can't recall now.


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Ashley Greene form Twilight

Jessica the Weird

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1) Major Kira from Deep Space Nine

I met her once - She's a nice woman, as far as I can tell.

In no particular order:

Ellen Page
Skye Sweetnam
Michelle Trachtenberg
And a certain friend of mine (not famous, but still)


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Probably half the women in the world...if you really want me to cut things down. I'll go, instead, off the top of my head. Give me another hour (or another ten minutes), and I could formulate an entirely different list. (Hey, for all I know, some of these women might require less wishful thinking than I'm aware of. Don't really keep up on who's out and who's not and who's perched provocatively on the fence. Just drool a lot. My tastes are eclectic but pointedly focused.)

Reshma Shetty (Divya on Royal Pains)

Archie Panjabi (Kalinda on The Good Wife)

Brie Larson (Kate, the cake sitter, on US of Tara)

Jennifer Love Hewitt (not that she isn't well deserving in her own right...but she reminds me of somebody in RL too)

Sigourney Weaver (associatively...JLH's co-star in Heartbreakers)

Kat Dennings

Mia Wasikowska

Liz Phair

Ayaan Hirsi Ali (genitally mutilated or not)

Dana Delany (checked her new show out the other night; the show sucks, but she still looks great)

Okay. Ten's enough (for now) I guess. Serious dittos on some already mentioned: Rosario, Alicia, Penelope, Scarlett and Ellen (Page) particularly. Saw Emily Deschanel's name. Unfortunately, I'm not really familiar with her. Zooey deserves a mention though. And ditto too on Cate Blanchett. And Kate Winslett. And....somebody stop me already!!! (Melora Walters...Amy Ryan....)


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Jennifer Beals
Hillary Swank (love her wide mouth)
Kim Raver on greys anatomy
Rachel Griffiths on brothers and sisters


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Jennifer Beals
Hillary Swank (love her wide mouth)
Kim Raver on greys anatomy
Rachel Griffiths on brothers and sisters


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Jennifer Beals, Marlee Matlin, Salma Hayak, JLo, Kate Winslet (I could love her, I mean, in real life)
Mariska Hargitay, Lucy Lawless, ==== Sharon Stone--the absolute sexiest. THAT'S glamour.
OK one more: I HAVE ALWAYS LOVED BARANSKI!!! And that will never change.
Two more? OK...
Archie Panjabi, and go ahead, all right, I'll say it, cause no one else will:
Julianna Margulies (Is she the hottest thing on TV right now, or what? Could she be any more subtle and gorgeous?)
There you have it.
Thank you for this opportunity. Ahhhhh....... I can let my breath out now.....


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Lucy Lawless for sure!
Great body, deep blue ocean eyes, fairly good singer and a lesbian picture for the community


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View Postwhitelder, on 10 October 2007 - 06:53 AM, said:

hmm long list this one...:
Lucy Lawless (Of Course :D )
(The New) Delta Goodrem
Mariska Hargitay
Rae Baker
Stephanie March
Jennifer Morrison
Jennifer Garner
Angelina Jolie ( I know, she's Bi though...and married to Brad :evil: )
Merryl Streep (yeah weird I know :oops: )
Kate Walsh
Jorja Fox (Sooo in the closet)
Marg Helgenberger
Jill Hennessy
Lena Heady
Piper Perabo
Tammy McIntosh
Allison Cratchley

Did I not say long list???

Jennifer Morrison YES!!!!!

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