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Flirt like a man or a woman?

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Maybe this should be under the other flirting forum, but it is kind of different.

When it come to flirting with women, how exactly does another woman do it???

Would I flirt like a woman picking up a guy, because how else would I flirt? Being female, there are certain ways we flirt that are different than the ways guys flirt.

Would I flirt like a guy trying to pick up a women, because women learn to pick up on a man's flirting cues?

Women and men flirt differently. Which style is more likely to catch a woman's attention??

I am trying to flex my flirting muscle, despite my intense shyness.
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Well, I wouldn't exactly cal it flirting like a man or a woman, but more of being an aggressive flirter or being a shy, coy flirter. But I would have to say that depending on the woman I can be pretty damn aggressive in letting her know that she is desired or I can be coy and shy. Some women you can be up front and personal with others you need to approach with caution, especially if you don't know whether they're gay or straight. This is an interesting question. How do you flirt?
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I'm normally a very talkative person. However, since I came out bi, I've been having more of those "Oh gawd, I was flirting with her" moments. I feel so cheesy afterwards because around women I feel like the desparate book nerd rather than the sexy volumptious woman I am around men. Somewhere though, I think some of my fear is that I'll b lumped with the attention whore variety bi-girl and will be summarily dismissed by women.


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I use my eyes to flirt with another woman rather than my mouth. I guess that is shy flirting.

I feel awkward about trying to pick up a woman, especially when I am not sure if they are a lesbian. You see, I am attracted to, what my former partner called, the heterosexual type woman - too beautiful to be bi or lesbian according to here.

Perhaps I need to start watching men and trying it there way. May way isn't getting me anywhere fast.


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I flirt like a little kid. Lol. I usually flirt with women at my school so I see them a couple of days a week. My flirting is playful. I'll make them laugh and then just mess with their papers or books or stupid stuff like that. Long looks in the eyes too but I can't help it if I go cross eyed to make them laugh. I love making women laugh.
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i think there definitely is a 'guy' way of flirting and when wimyn flirt with me like that it COMPLETELY turns me off. i don't think it's a matter of aggressive v. shy/coy. i am in no way shy or coy and i don't flirt like a guy. to me, the guy way is kind of gross, looking at a someone like she's a piece of meat, being overly sexual in your demeanor, not respecting a womyn's physical space as well as aggressive. but you can flirt in an outgoing yet non-aggressive, respectful way. if a womyn flirts the 'guy' way with me, she doesn't stand a chance.

mortalum: i think it's really cute that you flirt like a little kid. :)

angogwanon: i too am cursed with being attracted to hetero/bi looking wimyn. it's easier to find bi wimyn that i'm attracted to than lesbians because, for some reason, lots of bi wimyn have that 'straight' look and few lesbians do. but i only date lesbians. i think i should start a new thread about this...
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I have to say I 'flirt' with a sense of masculinity as I am more masculine around women as I'm considered a 'soft' butch. That's just how I do it.
Ofcourse I don't have anyone to 'flirt' with. :cry:
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BluLight Jazz

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I have become pretty good a picking out girls who are into girls. I don't know how I know, but I would say that 85% of the time, I have them pegged right. And so I will flirt with them to test the waters. If I'm at a chick club, I'm a little more aggressive but in a very very femme way. I'm pretty gentle and soothing. I whisper very softly in there ear and touch them only slightly...just to let her know I'm interested. I don't push, after that it's up to them to act on what they've found out. But if I'm in a straight club, I take a little more time to test the waters. I watch intently her body movements, who she's with, and I get a feel for her "type". Whether or not she has a bad attitude, does she seem like she wants to impress her friends, or is she the type that holds her own? Once I decided my plan of action, I make a point to catch her alone and very politely, non threatningly talk to her in her ear. I usually ask them to not be offended, I don't want to embarrass her. I will compliment her and ask her if she's ever been with another woman. Depending on her answer, I go from there. And that's how I flirt.


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The way you flirt sounds really good. You don't push and such and that's great. :)
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BluLight Jazz, that is a very clever way to flirt. I think I'll try that sometime. Thanks for posting 8)
Sometimes you stand on the edge of a cliff and you jump. You jump because you're tired of being scared. Sometimes you jump just to feel the fall

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