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Flirt like a man or a woman?

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Now how does one indicate that they want to be flirted with?


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I find shy women to be SOOOOOO sexy *swoon*
Therefore, it's up to me to start flirting first if I meet one face to face. Otherwise we'd both be standing there staring at each other *soft laugh*
That is FAR easier to do in real life than on the internet. On the internet you don't get those shy blushes you can see ( :oops: ) , that you can act on.
There is where I need a little help knowing someone is interested. :D

Yeah, I'm fiesty. But that doesn't mean I don't cuddle well *LOL*


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I guess I have that "male DUH" factor. sometimes I don'teven realize a woman is flirting with me...till someone tells me later on. when she's gone and it's too dog gone late LOL I'm kind of shy bout starting the flirting...but when I realize it's happening (LMAO..that'd be when I'm lucky enough to have someone tell me while she's still there.)... I flirt aggressively. And it's not becuase of transition..or Ts...I was always that way. Women who are into girly girls would probably be really turned off by it..but women who are into girly girls aren't likely to flirt with me anyway. I spose..in all honesty..if yer shy aboout flirting..wel..I'm thinkin most women eat that up! If they wantd an insensitive brute...they probably wouldn't be into women to begin with. (I'm thinkin that even straight women don't want an insensitive brute...crawlin all over em like they were a piece of steak) You stay a little shy, and coy..and the ladies will flirt with you..and ya prolly won't need a friend with ya to let you know it's happening! LMAO
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NocturnalLife, what is a soft butch? I described myself as ultra femme in appearance, but personality wise I could be more like a soft butch. How did you come by that description?


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flirting can be ridiculously hard for me, because no one seems to pick up on the gay vibe and they end up just thinking i'm unusually friendly. lately i've been trying a more butchy approach, at least in the way i talk, which seems to be helping a LOT.


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yeah, i have the same problem. i don't think women get the vibe that i'm into them as much because i'm bi. and i'm really shy, so that adds to the problem. i want so badly to flirt with women, but i'm scared they will think i'm just being friendly instead.


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I'm such a dork when i try to flirt i'm all like look at me look at me i'll make u laugh and then maybe turn into a five year old and push u lol i sound like a super date huh lol :oops:
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Back in the day, I could flirt up a storm with men. Never really affected me; I could flirt and be intelligent -- I could flirt intelligently.

Now that I've admitted my attraction to women and acutally feel free enough to flirt, I make a COMPLETE a** of myself.

I was in Starbucks the other day & felt someone looking at me. I looked around and locked eyes with the most gorgeous goddess I've encountered in a while. She smiled and held my eyes... my knees went weak & I swear that I forgot the English language. All I could do was blush, smile and try not to laugh out loud.

I'm actually known for being rather witty and never one to be afraid of anything. I'm the girl that everyone sent to say or do the things that they wanted to say or do but were too chicken.

I think I do better if I'm the one initiating the glances and the conversation. At least, I hope that's the case. And I SERIOUSLY hope that I get over this giggling girly phase soon. It's just plain embarrassing. Jeez, you'd think I'm 13 again...

(The shrink in me says that I'm laughing because I'm actively searching for what I've always wanted to be searching for... and that I'm starting the dating world over again -- this time as a lesbian and honest with myself. Course, that and $3.25 will get you a blueberry scone @ Starbucks.)
One should no more deplore homosexuality than left-handedness. ~Towards a Quaker View of Sex, 1964

(As a left-handed lesbian, I'm particularly fond of this quote.)


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Well, I find most of you lucky. Yeah, lucky. I can't flirt with anyone that I am interested in. Man, woman, other...whatever.

I only seem to be able to come off as be happy-go-lucky with friends, aka people I am not interested in. I can flirt, joke, kid, tickle, or love on any of them without a problem. I just can't approach anyone that I truly like.



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i am by no means an expert; however, in my time 'flirting', 'dating', etc with both men and women, here is what i have found.

flirting styles vary by person in age, personality, and confidence. there is no right or wrong way to flirt - you need to do what is comfortable to you or you will end up feeling awkward and your intended target may be turned off because it is obvious you are out of your zone.

but - flirting styles should also be adjusted depending on your intention. if you are looking to find a woman to start a relationship with, you will want to try something different than you would if you were looking for playmate/fwb.

a few tips that i have found to be helpful:
* be observant / check out your intended recipient and her surroundings/demeanor PRIOR to chatting her up. visual clues such as her facial expressions, body language. style of dress, location at a table/bar and mood can give you insight on how to approach /flirt with her

* if you are trying to get a woman's attention from across a bar, dance floor, or room, let her see you checking her out and hold your ground. look her in the eyes and make her be the first to look away. this puts you in a position of power without being overly pushy. once she looks away, walk up to her and say something to the affect : "you can't look at me like that and not say anything." that puts the ball in her court to respond to you and makes your intentions known without a lot of words.

* if you see a woman you are really attracted to and would like to have a fling or totally physical relationship with, but she is in a group of men/women, you can walk up to her, acknowledge the rest of the group with a 'hello' or 'hi' and then look into her eyes and say something to the affect "even if i didn't want to f!@# you, i would still want to stay up all night talking and make you breakfast'. again, this puts you in a position of power as it states your intention clearly and puts the next move on her. obviously, not all women would be perceptive to this type of advance, but that is where the observation comes into play. this prevents any mixed signals about your intentions.

I have a few more tips/tricks but i will save those for a later post. if you are interested in talking more about flirting, how to approach women, etc, feel free to message me.

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