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Hey ladies,

I'm not quite sure where this should go; so I'm just going to put it here because I think almost everyone looks here. What's the deal with all the racism/age-dicrimination amongst the lesbian community? I don't mean to offend but I notice that the paler skin women seem to seperate themselves from the darker skin women and vice versa;...if u follow.

How could one base another's intentions on the pigment of their skin?
Is color really the term that defines the person? This is something that has pondered my mind since forever. Personally, I luv my females in every race, color, height, and size that I can find them but unfortunately it's hard to find women who feel the same way. Getting away from color, why does age define intelligance, maturity, etc. As a young but legal woman I luv to commit myself to older women and some of them refuse to even shoot-the-breeze with me because of the age difference. I consider us all 1 but why dosen't everyone else?
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How much older are you talking about?


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I don't know if you're talking about racism the way it has been discussed several times on this forum and even in the sub topic below this one, or colorism which basically sounds like what you described i.e. the lighter the skin the perception is that you're better. If that's what you're refering too then I have to tell you that if you didn't know this has been going on for centuries. The lighter slaves or "blue vein society" slaves always worked in the house while the darker slaves worked in the field. This is still something that obviously is prevelant today. I'm a multiracial child and the black side of my family always treated me horribley. Naturally I was much lighter as a child (I've gotten to be more of a caramel color now) and they were dark (like Shug Avery in The Color Purple). They hated me, called me names, made me feel like dying at times. It's sad when you're own grandmother calls you an albino coon or a high yellow child. The last time I saw them I was 8 and I have not been back since then. And if that wasn't enough try being told you can't go outside because they don't want you to get dark because "you ain't never gone get no where in life if you ain't light, so you gots to stay out that sun 'cause boys don't want no dark girl." Intracultural racism, I fear, will always be apart of african-american culture. Spike Lee has an interesting take on it in his movie School Daze (one of my favs) and Jungle Fever. I hope I gave you some possible insight, but I would like to know what other members think.
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