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Sorry to hear that. A friend of mine is in the same situation. I offered to help because she has a young daughter and teenage son but she wanted to do it on her own. About 3 hrs ago she gave me a Christmas present. I looked at her n I asked her why did u get me a present? I thought u were having problems? She told me she always manages to make things happen and that Christmas is for family and friends.
What always helps us through the holidays are family and friends.

I hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas.


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I don't know how you spent New Years Eve but as for me I spent the night strapped to a gurney in a hospital emergency ward.

I went down fighting all the way - it took 4 EMTS and a nurse to strapped me down.

I also managed to remove the straps - those BASTARDS - it took a while but I didn't give up. I just flipped them the bird on the camera rolled over n went to sleep.

They threaten to reserve a room for me in the psychiatric ward if I didn't talk to them about how and why I got there. I told them to let me know when the limo arrives.

I guess it's true what they say: LOVE IS A BITCH!


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My holiday went surprisingly well. My brother wasn't a total ass, for once, and I got the perfect gifts for my family. My brother got deluxe copies of Star Trek and the 7 Samurai, along with some books from me. I got a fancy copy of Priscilla, and the Full Monty, which I'd been wanting for a while, and my family and I enjoy. :thumbsup:
Usually, my brother finds some way to say something that's offensive or pigeon-holing.
He got me an electronic guitar tuner, which I can't say I'll ever use, as I prefer to just use the flash guitar tuner that's free to download, and doesn't use any serious hard drive space or memory or anything. It just plays a loop of different notes. :guitar:

Anyway, he always gets me musical gifts, whether they're needed or not. A couple of years ago, it was a guitar sash that hooks on the bottom of the mouth. A year or two before, it was a guitar shaped pendant, when he thought I was effeminate. :thumbdown:

He said something about me becoming a street performer, and I just thought that sounded hazardous. There's robbery, getting sick, getting lost. Just a bad idea. :thumbdown:

What I'd love to do is record a song with Ethridge & Lang. `Nough said. :unworthy: :thumbup:

I have to go with what Iggy said, above: yummy food and last minute gifts. It helps when what you're looking for isn't a hot ticket item, and isn't terribly hard to find when you know where to look. My mom is a big fan of Seal and Styx, so I got her CDs of both. She's going to be happy.
But then there was that Christmas paranoia you get, where it seems like you can do nothing wright... :unsure: I mean write... :huh: right!
It's felt like that a lot lately in my life, and I was trying to give my mom an easier Christmas by doing little things for her. I put away Christmas eve dinner, when she was sitting back relaxing, and put in the oven a fritata strata that she made for Christmas morning on Christmas morning, as well as putting out some of the special breads for Christmas, and making coffee and tea, so she could get her pills and relax. I also tried to help with dishes and such. She got cross with me, and I just went up to my room and came down when it was time for me to go to my church. My brother is non religious, and my mom is protestant, so it's special, come Christmas time. :help: :crazy:
I hope everyone else had a magical holiday.

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