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5'3" and taller than my mum, so I'm happy :)
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i'm 5'11'', 145, and very very content with my stats. haha.

my ex's have been also. people i encounter are usually like, "wow. you're really tall.." or something along those lines. i joke around and reply with, "oh, really? i never noticed.. that's interesting." lol

my current gf is like 5'10'' i believe, so luckily it works out for both of us..

my dad is like 6'2'', so i got it all from him. but it's cool.

my height works to my advantage when i'm playin ball (basketaball or volleyball, that is).

besides, as phoenix99 said, i enjoy being asked to help a shorter friend in need when it comes to reaching stuff.. :D


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Well I'm 5'4 myself but I have to say I was surprised to hear that some of you taller people find it hard to find girlfriends. Personally I have to agree that I wouldn't care what height a woman was as long as she is an interesting and fun person to be with. (And, yes, anyone who wants to help me reach things on topshelves, you're very welcome! :lol: )

Having said that, I have to admit that I do sometimes feel intimidated by girls who look like supermodels. I mean, I have one of those friends (you know - tall, slim, blonde...) and she's the sweetest girl I know but if I'm having a bad day I sometimes feel inferior standing beside her. And I never really judge anyone by looks but I do think that the media makes us compare ourselves to their image of "perfect" women, even unconsciously. But usually I think we just judge ourselves with harsher eyes than anyone else every will... so always remember that there is at least one person out there who thinks you are the most beautiful person in the world. ;)
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the average height for ladies in this country is 5'3.8" according to the National Center for Health Statistics... Im 5'11 1/2".

lol I find it humorous that a lotta the "tall" girls in this thread (5'7", 5'8") would seem pretty average where Im at. I live in Indiana, so maybe cause we're farm-raised and corn fed... or something. but we definitely have a lot more statuesque beauties than out east or west, from what Ive heard.

my dad is 6'2", my mama is 6' even. I still have a book that my mom had when she was young- called the Very Tall Little Girl, by Phyllis Krasilovsky. it really helped me appreciate my height.
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I was 5'9" by the time I turned 11... definitely grappled with insecurity over my stature to some extent. but at a certain point, I learned to own it. haha seriously, I cant shrink, but I can glow with confidence. thats what matters.
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Hmmm...interesting how we are all so different. I am a short (5'2'), petite bi woman and the strange thing is that, while I am attracted to tall (6ft and over) strong masculine men, when it comes to women it is usually the opposite. Women who are no taller than me and even more petite (skinny, even) are the ones who float my boat. :P I do like them to be a bit butch (in a boyish kind of way), rather than feminine though.
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I'm around 5'2", so it's not hard to find a girl taller than me. Most of my ex girlfriends have been taller than me and I don't mind it one bit. The only thing that sucks is not being able to reach things alot of people can. I get teased at work for it. xD


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Too bad that height seems to be an issue for some.

I'm 5'3" and happy with, as long as I can see her eyes and touch her lips.

This is really not this part of the body I may be looking at :blushing:


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I'm 5'5 and 1/2" and 135 (mostly muscle) and height is irrelevant to me. Though, I might cut off dating someone above 6’5” because I don’t think I want to look like a toddler next to them. <_<

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