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As you probably know if you have read any of my posts I am somewhat political and yes I am a Marxist feminist (however I also work within the Marxist framework in addressing patriarchy and sexism within Marxist parties, and yes, it does exist, I also with with Anarchist collectives and feminist groups/labor groups, such as IWW and immigrant rights, etc).

I do work on issues that pertain to all women, but my speciality (or focus rather) is on issues pertaining to class (domestic and international) and human rights, ethnic conflict, etc. I know of numerous GLBT resources, outside of the mainstream polemic and thought I'd share them with you.

Now, you do not have to be Marxist, socialist, even liberal to use these resources, want to make that clear. So just because I may post something from a leftist party do not feel that you must agree with the party platform, etc, that is not my intent and I am really not a 'party' person anyway, I'm issue oriented and I tend to pull from many resources for my work, Greens, Progressives, Humanitarian, and so forth.

I do however, like alot of the coverage that third party platforms have on women, economics, labor, human rights, etc., because many of them are more indepth, give historical analysis and relay important cases on local community scale as well as national and international. I often refer to the FSP (Freedom Socialist Party) because it is a feminist party and works from a feminist perspective, but I too work with Socialist Alliances, various anarchist groups, even some communist groups, democratics and so forth.

Job discrimination has been coming up alot recently in conversations with those I work with, I'm referring to job discrimination against the GLBT community, and one of my co-workers mentioned that several states do have laws against discrimination towards sexual orientation, But, there is also the probationary period and during that period those laws may not apply.

While I am sure all of you do keep up with the laws and legislations that effect the GLBT community, it never hurts to have some kind of resource/update because you never know when you may need it.

So I will try to post some things that may not be in the mainstream advocacy, particularly issues that are combined with labor, international, housing, etc and/or certain cases that are not given much attention too. Another thing is that many of these organizations/parties may have branches near you (or individual members) and for those of you in rural areas, if a situation was to come up, you could write/email them, and get some support, etc.

I think its good to stay somewhat informed and not everyone has the time to pour through all the readings and information, etc., I do, because thats my work, and for issues that I do not know much about I know enough people that do know...(network), so the least I can do here on this forum is to be of some help.

In solidarity,


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(btw, I am a member or co-member, meaning that the party affilitation that I work with, as well as the organization that I am director of, of many of these parties and I can post them here (as far as their permission, etc), just thought I'd mention that...

I won't always post the whole page or the party info, etc., just the case/or issue, legislation, court case, etc.. On this one affiliation that we work with, however, they have a really good advocacy record with the GLBT community, and so I'll post it here.

from Socialist Action {link at bottom and it is a constant, not one that will be gone like in month, etc...unless gov pulls them, like they did Infoshop, Indymedia (two really good sites btw), haven't checked the status of those two -- I think Indymedia is up still, not sure if Infoshop has been restored yet. Anyhow, here's the resources they have for GLBT (of course you'll have to go to the site to click on the links, they also have contact info)

Queer Liberation

Socialist Action and YSA are active in the queer liberation movement, and are firmly opposed to all forms of discrimination based on sexual orientation. We believe that the GLBT movement has revolutionary potential in the form of its challenge to the patriarchal structures that capitalism is partly based on. We support the building of an autonomous queer liberation movement, where gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgendered people can come together and make their own demands and develop their own leadership and power.

We’ve set up this page to post articles on the GLBT movement, lessons from past struggles, and theoretical essays outlining the Marxist view on special oppression. We welcome your feedback on what we’ve posted!

Queer Liberation Movement:

> Same-sex marriage: Massachusetts leads the way

> Same-Sex Marriage: a Major step forward for equality!

> Gay-Straight Alliances Sweep the Country

> Texas Anti-Sodomy Law Struck Down

> The Murder of Sakia Gunn

> The Early Gay Liberation Movement

> Homophobia in the Schools

> Anatomy of a Hate Crime

> Two Examples of Anti-Gary Bigotry in the High Schools


Marxism & Oppression:

> Fourth International Resolution on Gay Liberation

> The Nature & Origin of Women's Oppression

> The Challenge of Matriarchy

> History of the Family



Queer Liberation Groups & Resources:

> Chicago Anti-Bashing Network

> Gaywire News Service

> Gay & Lesbian History Museum

> Out Against the War

Socialist Action

298 Valenica St.

San Francisco CA 94103


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Another organization that I pull alot of resources from, feminist radical women, and that is the FSP and Radical Women, they a tad militant but they are very serious in confronting sexism, homophobia, racism, etc and are very active in addressing these issues. Also, the reason I like this group is because they are All WOMEN RUN AUTONOMOUS PARTY!!!

from their page:


Radical Women

This trailblazing socialist feminist organization is the revolutionary wing of the women's movement and a strong feminist voice within the Left. Immersed in the daily fight against racism, sexism, homophobia, and labor exploitation, Radical Women views women's leadership as decisive to world revolution and trains new women to take their place in the forefront of the struggle. RW is an autonomous, all-women's group, affiliated with the Freedom Socialist Party on the basis of mutual respect, solidarity, and shared socialist feminist ideals.

Again, you don't have to be socialist or join them, etc., but good to look through the site, activism, etc., and if you just need support, good contacts and I find it kind of empowering to see an all women's political party, also, infoshop has some good feminist links and email lists for women, and they too, are all women run, etc (Anarchists),

Both are Very outspoken on lesbian and bisexual rights...I don't belong to the FSP but I work with them and I wish there was a Radical Women's Group here in our state, because these women are awesome...(the FSP is mostly West Coast), etc.

Also check out the book publications (second link), they are not expensive (if you live near a college they may have some of the books in the women's studies, etc) and I've read Clara Fraser, brilliant political theorist on labor, feminism, etc. You can find some of her works online too.

Also, and this doesn't really pertain to politics, but for those of you who are having a hard time meeting other lesbians/bisexual women in your community, (read on one post about not liking going to bars, etc)...I know where I reside, there is alot of lesbian/bisexual resources at bookstores (mostly the independent stores), and of course in the colleges, and in political work too...there are even lesbian newspapers in many cities, check out theatre groups, art galleries/groups, etc., herbal stores, etc. Sometimes the resources are in places you'd least expect them...and you never know, what one can find or who one will meet. 

(EDITED BY LESBOTRONIC: There were some links in the above post, but they were removed because they were dead. We couldn't find anything that seemed like a current link, but we left this post here anyway in case it was informative for someone, thanks.)

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