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Any Writers Out There???

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My name is Chrissie. I am a poet, fiction writer, and freelance reporter. I love poetry.

Can't wait to read the posts here.

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Yes, I write and have had over 80 articles published - mainly technical articles. However, lately I've been writing Lesbian humor and have gotten over 20 humor articles published and have my own nationally syndicated column called Scout223's Cherry.

My bi-monthly column ( http://profiles.outinamerica.com ) and other writings can be found at http://profiles.out...a.com/Scout223 . And I've posted a few articles on this forum as well under various topics.



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Hiya, scribblers.

I've always written, really. Randomly, I found my first full story while cleaning out my parents' garage a few weeks ago. So cute. Mostly, now, I putter around with half-completed novels and the occasional short story, and blog random non-fiction prose.

I went through a bit of a purge recently, and deleted everything I had on my computer, and chucked everything I had in hardcopy, in an effort at blank slating it. I have moments of regret...lol, but overall, it's been helpful.

Since figuring out my sexuality and coming out fairly recently (last year), my writing has changed quite a bit. My current focus, at least. The "gay thing" has informed all of the projects I'm working on right now, and I'm really enjoying exploring it.


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I write a lot. Actually, now that I'm between jobs, I'm not only hunting for a new position, I'm spending time completing some short stories. I've submitted a couple to some places, but haven't published. Mostly I write stories about people in emotional turmoil or at different junctures in their lives, kind of like a really sucky imitation of JD Salinger. You know, minus the talent.

sarah plain and? average

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i write too...though im still discovering my own style. i just broke from the "confessional" school of poetry which is not really poetry but more personal narrative. but i dont want to offend anyone with my ever changing opinions on what makes a poem Poetry. I am working on a book, more like a collection of essays about mainly being a "creator" of things...i will post some of my excerpts later.
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I've always been a writer, whenever inspiration hits I have to start typing. I'm writing a main
story, some smaller stories, poems, songs, and whatever enters my brain, really. My
major is Fine Arts, because I see these stories in images and I usually write them, because
I have to learn how to draw. But, language itself is an art, and I am usually a writer that
doesn't like to read, but I realize that it is important. Romance, Sci-fi, Adventure, Fantasy,
Psychological Thrillers, a broad range of genres, I recently started writing a story about
LGBT vampires called Poison Heart, and I want to make these stories into animes.


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I'm a writer as well. :) Although my specialty is journalism. I write for my school's publications under Lifestyle/Features. Although, I do enjoy writing the occasional short story or fan fiction. I'm dreadful with poems, though. *shudder* I also write essays, speeches, and all that other crap, but mainly for school. :)


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I used to write a lot of short stories and fanfiction and have been thinking about writing a short story collection for Kindle users. All of my poems are strange and mostly comical. I do write for blogs and have penned some speeches and essays.

@Scissor_Sista on-a-mountain-she-sits.tumblr.com

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Rammy Lynn

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Add me to the list as well. I actually think everyone has a story or two to tell. It's unfortunate that not all of us tap into it, for free, cathartic counselling if nothing else. I mean if I can do it...
I write in a few different genres, but one thing I've been doing for several years is poetry for different occasions. I'm given a background and I tailor it to be read at whatever function is being held. Some are very fun to do, like retirement parties or older birthdays. Some not so much. I wrote one called, "A Message to My Daughter" for a funeral. It was read by a mother to her 14 year old who suddenly lost her father. Luckily, there are a lot more happy celebrations than sad.
It probably sounds lame, but it sure pays those proverbial bills!


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I am self-published with a non-fiction book that I have sold as far as Europe. But... I have a film script that I wrote in college and worked on under the mentorship of the creative writing teachers. I have been waiting a few decades for a time to complete it into the stage of being film script ready for real film. My x partner and I were going to start doing film scripts together but we were in the midst of relationship issues for several years and then broke up. I am just waiting for a time I can work with film script writers/editors and move it into the professional stage and get it to a film director. I also have been waiting to have time to work on other film scripts as this was meant to be the first of a series.

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