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Share your poems!! - I'll start....

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She won't hold my hand in public
It's cool - Cause I understand
People form opinions
when neither party is a man
But I don't care what people think
I mean really, why should I?
Why should how I feel about myself depend on their approval?
It doesn't
But apparently hers does
Cause she won't hold my hand in public
The Homosexual Agenda

Leave us alone!!!!!


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This one is called "Holding Hands In Public"

I’ve got the perfect girl
She’s an 11 on a 10 scale
There are so many things about her
I just wish I could describe
Her beauty is captivating
It’s tantalizing when I gaze in her eyes
When she fixes her stare upon me
I can feel my soul lift up
I feel my heart flutter
And I wonder what I did to get this queen
Her presence is everything
When she’s there – you’ll know
She may not be seen, but she’s always felt
She’s intense
If she looks at you to speak you’re hooked forever
You not only can’t leave, but you no longer want to
Her personality is the best
She’s sweeter than honey
She’s got her own money
Her own ride, her own crib
Baby girl has it all
But I sense our relationship is taking a fall
There’s one thing about her that just isn’t real
One thing that just makes me not want to deal
She’s damn near got it all
But this will not do
Only thing I ask is that to yourself you be true
You can’t try to pretend that you aren’t with a girl
Then go home with me and let me rock your world
It’s to bad cause we really could’ve been great
But I can’t deal with your games
You’re too insecure
To be with me baby girl, you’ve got to be sure
You can’t be scared of how you feel
Or ashamed to be with me
So if we can’t hold hands in public
Then baby girl, you gotta leave
The Homosexual Agenda

Leave us alone!!!!!


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Oh Geesh! There she is...now that feeling starts

Theres that ache in my Groin...and that Squeeze on my Heart..

She loves me...I know... I see it in her eyes...

Yet each time we talk...To be with me...she denies...

Her words wrap me in hope..and then the bottom line..

She says she isnt ready...I reply..Okay darling thats fine...

Finally I decided to give up on any chance for us...

Now she calls me every day...a relationship ..she wants to discuss..

I can not bear the thought..of losing her again....

So I just tell her...I would rather remain Friends.. :roll:

Renee W
Brunswick GA


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A Love No Different

You throw your arms around me
Holding me so tight
I press myself against you
It makes me feel so right

I lean up to kiss you
You hace the softest lips
Slip in a little tongue
And grab around your hips

People cringe and look away
Disgust and fear unfurl
As if they've never seen
A girl kissing a girl.

© Tiffany


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A Way Of Life For Me

All this time felt out of place
Like nothing really was my taste
Certain things made me feel strange
So scared of such a drastic change
People would just point and laugh
I worried for the aftermath
So lost deep inside myself
Should I tell them, should I be stealth
All these feelings I subdued
And now how I feel so renewed

© Tiffany


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Controversial Love

Love just happens by itself,
And who you love you cannot help.
I happened to be loving you,
I didn't know just what to do.
I wasn't sure just how you'd feel,
But now I know this love is real.

© Tiffany


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Love is Love

Love is love is what I say
This goes for you, straight, bi, or gay
Love is love for human beings
We all think and we all have feelings
Love is love no matter what
We all feel love, we all get hurt
Love is love, a true soulmate
And who we love is picked by fate
Love is love, no wrong or right
And all should be free to unite

© Tiffany


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The Same Sex

Deep in your eyes I see your heart
I've known this feeling from the start
I put my hands around your waist
And your neck I start to taste
On your lips I plant a kiss
These feelings are an endless bliss
I run my fingers through your hair
It turns me on, the love we share
My hands on your smooth, soft skin
The body I long to be in
And though our gender is the same
Tonight I'll make you moan my name.

© Tiffany


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There is a Girl

There is a girl who can read my mind
She says what I’m thinking
She does it all the time

There is a girl who helps me out
She knows how to fix things
Advice without a doubt

There is a girl who doesn’t tell
She knows all my secrets
And she keeps them well

There is a girl who cheers me up
She makes me feel better
When my day’s been rough

There is a girl who is so fun
She makes me laugh
More than anyone

There is a girl who is my best friend
And she’ll always be there
Until the end.

© Tiffany

Okay, I'm done posting all that stuff now lol. Sorry but I figured I'd share since the opportunity was there. :-)


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Hmmmm... since everyone's poems are so lovely (good job everyone who has posted so far, enjoyable reading after a hectic day at work!), Ithought I'd share one of mine... doesn't really mention gender in it but it was written by me for a girl I knew in school who I've since lost touch with... well, it's a long story but basically she got married at 18 to a man of 27 in the hope of finding some kind of stability. But, let's not go into that I'll just share the poem instead! :)


Why can't you let me
give you one smile,
that will light up your world?

Why can't you let me
take you in my arms,
and protect you from harm?

Why can't you let me
kiss away the pain,
and the tears of desperation?

Why can't you let me
whisper three little words,
to promise you everything?

Why can't you let me
love you, the way
you deserve to be loved?

© Nikki 2004
"Love feeleth no burden, thinketh nothing of labours, attempteth what is above its strength, pleadeth no excuse of impossibility; for it thinketh all things possible for itself and all things lawful." - Thomas A. Kempis

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