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JOB (or lack thereof) WOES...

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I'm trying to leave corporate america; and have applied for several non-profit (womyn-oriented/social service) administrative positions. Until this month, I'd gotten absolutely nowhere....

I had an interview a week & a half ago....this position was part-time, but it was for an organization I was really willing to work for....

The Exec. Director strung me along, only to email me (didn't have the cojones to call, eh) that she'd filled the position.....

Needless to say I'm quite perturbed....

Back to the corporate grind, I guess....eck....
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I see we're in the same situation, but then again isn't everyone in our neck of the woods? I did the corporate thing and long story short-they cared more about their clients than they did about their employees (they remind me a bit of US Airways and how they treat their employees like shit). Hang in there and you have my support.
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