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Are you single on Valentine's Day???

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I know it's a little early, but v-day will be here before we know it...Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone was going to be solo for v-day. I know I am as I have not met anyone I would like to spend the holiday with. How do you feel about v-day? Do you participate or consider it just another day of the week? :roll:

*I'm sure everyone has heard of the Vagina Monologues, but for those of you lovely ladies who have not I invite you to visit their website www.vday.org and check for performances in your area. They usually have one of V-day so if you have nothing to do go see the wonderful show*
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I've never had a valentine. This year is different though, I finally have one! I know some people think it's just a Hallmark holiday, but I enjoy it. I think my valentine is going to be out of town on Valentine's day, but it's still nice to know she's there for me. :D
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This will be the first V-day in 8 years that I will be single. I'm quite looking forward to it. This will most likely be the first time I won't be disappointed by an un-romantic/insensitive lover.

I'm thinking about buying some long stem chocolate covered strawberries and hogging them all to myself. If I feel up to it, I may find someone sexy to share them with, but thats still up in the air. Playing cupid (with little wings and a halo :)) for my friends and co-workers sounds like fun, too.


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I have a valentine, like I have for the last 6 years, but this is probably the 5th v-day in a row that I won't have sex. My current partner, whom I love, is not at all interested in sex. Sex, generally, isn't of interest to her. But it is of interest to me. I suppose it's why I'm looking for "extra-marital" affairs. I need challenging, exciting sex, and I'm so not getting it now!

But so, this v-day, I'll have a great dinner and a half-romantic evening, but no physical intimacy.


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my last valentine's day present was divorce papers. you know, a real bitter sweet deal. this year i am spending it with my kitty and two pups who love me no matter what


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I'm ALWAYS single on Valentine's day. But, I don't mind. Being single is easier, in my opinion.

I like to call today, Single Awareness Day.

Also, I get to be with my puppy and kitty who love me too. So, they can be my Valentines.
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being single on valentine's day isn't what bothers me. the fact that my son just turned twelve and i am not able to visit or contact him bothers me. add to that, my father passed away on the 14. not a fun month at all.

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i was single on valentines...i have never really done much on valentines >> i am still young and havent had many special relationships really... i would like to have someone to share it with next year though :D


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this valentine's day was probably the worst ever. am i stressed? did the the titanic spring a leak? it is pretty bad when my psych says she prefers me fighting in this time than anything else. arrgh! one step forward, three steps back.

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