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Love at First Sight???

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I know it's kind of cliche but I was wondering if anyone still believes in love at first sight, or has had one (or many) experiences with it. Do you go on your feeling that it's love or just dismiss it as pure infatuation?
Sometimes you stand on the edge of a cliff and you jump. You jump because you're tired of being scared. Sometimes you jump just to feel the fall


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This site is like a moving train, it's hard to know where to jump on or to post again. :) But it's more fun to post than otherwise, so I'll attempt to jump back on.

I do NOT actually believe in love at first sight. I think it is a charming romantic notion, and feelings of "love" at first sight can definitely serve as an "opener" to approach and build and approach again and . . . go to great places from there.

But to my mind, real love is based on all kinds of knowledge and intimacy and sympatico with the person with whom you are in love. For real love to happen, you have know what it's really like to BE with that person, and really love that. You can't get that from a first glance. You might get a feeling that you want to know more, but until you do know more . . . you don't. If you don't already know what it's really and truly like to be with a person, sexually, intellectually, emotionally . . . then it's not really love, it's just fascination or infatuation. If you imagine you are "in love" with with someone you don't already truly know, you're only projecting your own feelings or hopes or desires about what it would be like to be with them, onto them. It's not their or your collective reality, it's just your own singular fantasy.

But hey, your results may vary. :)


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I have to agree with you about the love part. I've met people who I can say I have clicked with instantly and far better than I have with any other woman before and yes it's exciting and scary too because you don't know where it's going to go from there. I recently met someone I click with in a way I have never with other women and it's exciting, yet I'm not jumping to conclusions about where it's going to to but for now things are going well. I don't think it's love at first sight, more like an odd occurance that I'm thankful for. Thanks for your feedback and insight!
Sometimes you stand on the edge of a cliff and you jump. You jump because you're tired of being scared. Sometimes you jump just to feel the fall


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I do believe in it. It has happened to me a couple of times in this life and I had wonderful, though not permanent, relationships occur because of it. Never say never!
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Looks are only one side of attraction for me. I'm very drawn to intelligent, witty, and talented people (esp. athletes, bassist and sax players....hmmmm......). Even now that I'm just interested in sex, I don't become physically attracted until I have established that they are someone I'm willing to talk to.


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I do believe it is possible. I really don't think it has to do with a physical attraction or requires an extensive (current lifetime) "knowledge" of the person, first, to be "in love" or to "fall in love at first sight" with someone. I truly believe if you have a connection with someone that reaches beyond this lifetime and you feel you've known this person before in a previous lifetime and may have experienced several lifetimes with them you will find these are the people you are usually attracted to, in general, but the more life experiences you have had with someone you tend to "fall in love at first sight" faster with, especially if these previous experiences were sexual and/or very positive in nature.
These are the woman I continually seek out when looking for friends and partners, because I feel more connected with them since I have had some "history" with them, even though neither of us may remember the lifetimes we spent together and/or the actual relationship that transpired there.
So don't give up hope. At the very least this person is usually drawn to you to either teach you something or for you to teach them something that will be extremely significant for you both in the long run.
So hold on to your heart and take the plunge, it may hurt but it is well worth it.

8) :wink: :D


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I believe that too..!!
but never found :(


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Love at first sight? Thought so, but truly more like infatuation or Lust at first sight. However one or two times it has felt like a recognition of a long time friend, even when meeting for the first time. Perhaps a past life? who knows, but I pay attention to those happenings and ma grateful to say that many have turned into long enduring friendships and love that comes with really knowing someone deeply.

I am a romantic, but am tempered by realism. Love at first sight may happen, but it is never as good as the love that grows from shared experience.

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