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How Soon is Too Soon?

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I'm wondering what you think about time tables in regards to calling that special someone your girlfriend and moving in together. I know for me I can't live with anyone unless we're in a committed relationship because ot me there's a huge difference between residing with your bestfriend/roommate than residing with your girlfriend/potential mother of your children. What are you time lines for making it offical and sharing a living space???
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for me, i'd like to say after a minimum of 1 year of "dating".

that said, if it got to the point that we were practically living together before that time (spending the night together more often than not), i'd be willing to negotiate moving in before the prerequisite year.
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I agree with the one year or more (for me 1.5 years is better) for moving in. For calling that person your partner, it seems to me that one should at least wait one month, but I can't say that the other person will feel like a partner to me until at least 6 months.


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I agree with the minimum of 1-1.5 years, alothough for some people, that may not be enough. My advice is to go on a long trip together - preferably abroad. Seeing how another person acts when you're tired and in an unfamiliar environment, and how the two of you team up together, can tell you a lot about how you'll do as a couple.

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