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Is there anyone who can give me good advice, PLEASE?

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Here is my problem: After years of Catholic school, various failed attempts at relationships with men, and the occasional one night stand with women. I have realized what I have known deep down for a long time, The fact that I am probably a lesbian. I really don't know how to meet women. Is there a certain dating etiquette? I have never hit on anyone in my life! I recently moved to Philadelphia and from what I have gathered the place to meet women seems to be bars. I am not outgoing enough to go into a bar by myself. Any suggestions,comments or ideas I really appreciate any input. thanks


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I'm not sure if you already got the information you were looking for, but I just joined and I'm catching up. Forgive me if you've heard this elsewhere before, or already knew it.

You might check out these non-bar resources:

Hope that helps! :)

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