This Season on the "L Word"

Hey, I'm a huge fan of the L Word, and also a huge fan of the fact that Showtime has elected to grace the lesbian population with a soap opera. Really. No, like, REALLY. I do think it seriously rocks. I KNOW that many have criticized the show for not doing so many things that it really seriously is not doing . . . and I do know that, but at the same time . . . hey, seriously, a show about lesbians. On the TV.

But, I have a few questions, a few problems, even as someone that is a fan:

1. Why must that horrid Jenny character, who wasn't even really a lesbian, continue to occupy the show? The season opener of season 2 did still have her fucking a guy. Just get her OFF of there already, would be my vote.

2. What the HELL happened to Shane's hair? The alterna-shag she had in Season One was sexy. What has become of her hair now? And her character as a hairdresser to boot. She currently looks like a psychiatric patient in the midst of a delusional fit styled her hair now. WTH???

3. The FTM character of Ivan is hella lame. If she were really that invested in appearing as male, she wouldn't still look like Kelly Lynch (periodically). I loved her in Drugstore Cowboy, and she's a beautiful WOMAN, but as playing an FTM that's upset if anyone sees her tits, she'd (as the character) have cut her hair and/or be on hormones already. Stop looking so traditionally pretty in the role, or stop acting this part. Keep the fake facial hair or get off the set as an FTM.

4. Marina. I heard some stuff about how she didn't get along with the other actors, and she wasn't renewed. Don't know so much about that . . . miss the character . . . but if we have to kill her off, can we at least be consistent? She was supposedly upset in Season One about the fact that her girlfriend paid for her Planet cafe and she couldn't pay her back. But in Season Two, after she supposedly attempts to kill herself, suddenly Kit must buy the cafe from her family. WTH???

I have a few more things to say, but I guess I'll wait to see if there is a response. L Word watchers, anyone? Like what I said, or hate it? I'm here! :)

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Hi...how is life for everyone?? I watched last season i guess i watched the second half of last season...it took a while for me to realize it was on.. so i went to blockbuster and rented the first half of what i missed from last season.

I was so upset that Marina didnt come back..i thought she was one of the more interesting and strong characters. There was just something about her.

The thing with Jenny didnt make much sense..but then again it did.. but if Marina didnt have a girlfriend, Jenny would of stayed with her i think. Yeah, the story line could of been better with her whole leaving situation. I miss her.

But the Jenny occupies the show because there are a lot of Jennys in the world...that just go here and there..and are really emotional.

Shanes hair....i know...i know..i guess shes trying to straighten up and she is going through transition wierdness of life..the hair is the aftereffect...?

Even if Ivan is a bit played down..just to see a woman that much a man is a revolution for t.v...the media has not quite reached entirely truthful presentations..i dont know if it ever will..but there are steps. There is some mom in the midwest like...oh my god..getting wierd emotions over Ivan...if you are too harsh at first you can lose an audience by overload.

I think Alice is so funny,,she cracks me up. Her lesbian identified male boyfriend was a really funny situation.

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Okay, here is my take on the show...First off, I am a HUGE fan...Why? Because I am able to loo beyond what is seen to what is only implied. I do not look at the characters for face value only, nor do I believe in catagories. I don't particularly look like any of them and my life is not like any of them, however, bits and pieces are my life or were my past. I don't really care what others think of the show because I think they are missing the point totally. No 2 people are alike, no 2 people have the same life or issues. Its a show that is meant to spark change in the way we think about people or how we view others. We are meant to view the show in a more internal process, not just external. If you do that you are missing some really great core issues and story lines. Why Jenny??? Because Jenny provokes some of the reasons why women, who may not ever have thought of being lesbian, might turn to that lifestyle. Jenny is the most misunderstood character on the show. She is lost in her own world and trying to find who she is. Shane, obviously my personal fav, is extremely complex. Her issues of not being able to accept love stem from her childhood and she is working to change her life. Bette & Tina were the stable couple trying to have a family. But when things don't go as planned, the struggle begins to try to get through it and forge on. Alice and Dana are the fun of the show. They always make me laugh, especially when I am having a bad day. Alice is my 2nd favorite. Marina, although beautiful, was not as much of a central character as the rest. Yes she co owned the Planet with Francesca, but she had plans to buy it from her before season 1 ended, so we would assume that she did and then Kit bought it from her family after her suicide attempt. Ivan is a strange kind of add on to the show, but still thought provoking , especially to the trans community. Although Ivan is not transitioned over completely, he views himself as a man and cannot deal with womeone seeing his feminine side. I do agree though that even a partially transitioned pesron would not have the long locks. Kits story deals with recovery. She is an inspiration to all those who have addiction issues. Carmen, in season 2 is a sweet down to earth woman, who is going to help Shane accept herself and love. There is so much in the show to spark an interest if you look beyond the obvious, or what you perceive as obvious.

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Jenny is my absolute favourite character! i think she personifies a girl in the throws of sexual fluidity, and the struggle for self. Apart from that, she's absolutely gorgeous :) Now shane is the character i wish they got rid of... EEEUW is all i'm gonna say ;)

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