Beastie She Be

Hello Everyone!:)

Hey, obviously I'm new here. I'm Amanda, and I've decided to open this by stating how awesome I am! Well, not really, but it was worth a shot!

Let's see, I live in southern California, and decided to join to get a chance to talk to some other ladies such as myself. I missed the sign up for the PRIDE club at my school. And even if I had joined I probably wouldn't have been able to make the meetings. Not to mention I am a bit on the shy side.

I'm sort of recently out as bisexual. I say sort of because I think some of my friends already knew. Mostly no one cares who I've told. Their reactions have been along the lines of ", what's your point?" I find it mildly amusing. Though, I look forward to telling my self absorbed older sister who will no doubt use it as an excuse for why she has soo many problems to deal with. Fun times!

Currently I'm a psych major, music minor but there is waaayy to much that I am interested, so I plan on staying in school for quite awhile.

I think I'm talking too much, hehe. So hello again everyone!

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