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not new,but very scared.

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first,let me say hello to all.
Ok,I am not new,but I am past being frieghtened.I was in a very long term relationship(16 years),complete with the marriage.My love was my sun,my moon and my stars.....then my world,fell apart,when she became ill,and developed some lung ailment(virus Phuemonia),that in such a short time,took her life,She,who has always been healthy,strong,and my rock,gone.So now,as I try to pick up,what pieces are left,trying to deal with insurances co.'s,going thru the motions,of one day at a time,which believe me,many days,I just want to pull the covers over my head,and not bother,My support,is only me,since everyone of our friends,live miles away,so each day,finds me alone,and taking care of our pets. I have looked into sights for meeting other womyn,and here lays all my fears,I am straight foward,will only tell it as it is,no BS,games;so why,do so many out there only want that,does being with one special person mean so little today,is it more fun,to not know,if someone special will be with you,through thick and thin,does not the fear of growing old alone even shake u up a bit.For years and years,we,in the GL world have been given a bad name,yet we want equality,we want to have our unions recognized,yet,from what I have heard at other sights,shows,that what we really want,is just the icing off the cake,and to throw the cake away.
wow,the dating scene scares me.
"I shall remain as old,as the legal age to drink".


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Hello, first I would like to say, i'm so sorry for your lost. And if you need someone real to chat with i'm here. angel4life682@yahoo.com :cry:

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