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How to get over first love?

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So Im at the point in my life were Im beginning to realise that hiding my feeling for women is not going to go away. And even though Im still confused about the whole aspect I think Ive known that Ive been this way since I want to "marry" my best friend in the 1st grade. But thats not the issue. Although I didnt sleep with her or let her know that I "accidently" fell in love with her my best friend from my high school years is still on my mind. We havent talked in FOREVER and forever meaning 3 years but I call her every month to leave a message on her voice mail. (shes in the service) The last time i did get a chance to talk to her she had moved to california, and was by herself. Now I know for a fact that she is straight, questioning it but I know she is. lol. I just dont know how to get over her, she is still on my mind to this day and I think, no im not gonna lie, I know that I still love her the way that I did back in high school. Is there anyway to move on? and why am I still feelin like this after all these years?


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if she is in the military, she has to be very careful about 'appearances'. don't ask, don't tell, does not mean that gays are accepted in the military. until this country gets over it's homophobia and has full inclusion of gays in the military, anyone in the service is going to be very guarded about who they associate with.
as for moving on with your life, you will have to accept what your sexual orientation is. some introspection, self realization, and knowing yourself are necessary.
things aren't going to be easy or something you can quickly move on with or get over.
just my 2c

Ross Mock

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I would think that there comes a time when you must move on with your life and give somebody else a chance instead of staying "stuck in the mud." You said that your high school friend was straight....well that speaks for itself. TIME TO MOVE ON. Good luck. There is somebody out there waiting on you.

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